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Tips to find the Captain’s Key in Sea of Thieves?

Here is a guide on how to find Captain's Key in the Lost Shipments Voyage.

In The Merchant Alliance objective in Sea of Thieves, you will be looking for missing ships in the ocean. You will have to recover the ship to earn some additional amount of free gold. It’s like a treasure hunt in the water. In this guide, I will share where you can find the Captain’s key in Sea of Thieves and where exactly is the sunken ship filled with gold crates.

Sea of Thieves Captain’s Key Location

Sea of Thieves Merchant Alliance

The Merchant Alliance has an objective of finding the Missing Vessel: The Plundered Trumpet. You will get the address of origin and its destination. There is a similar quest that will give you new routes to explore. Each of them has some debris floating in the ocean, look for birds flying in the sky. They are your direction to find the debris and grab a clue from the floating barrels.

How to find Captain Keys?

Sea of Thieves Voyage Tips

Captain key belongs to the Merchant Alliance ship and it randomly spawns on different locations. Sometimes you can find it floating in the ocean near the clue area or some time it spawns on an island. To begin Lost Shipment Voyage you will need to buy it from the Larinna. Find her outside any tavern. The second place to buy this voyage is from Merchant Alliance after unlocking Reputation Level 25 with the Trading Company.

Sea of Thieves Captain Key Hint

Refer to the game screenshot above, wherever you see the birds flying around travel to the spot jump in the water and check the debris. Either you will find the captains key floating in the ocean or a clue of where exactly the key is. For more clues and treasure increase the reputation with the Merchant Alliance. You can get max four clues to locate the shipwreck with treasures. And the door to the treasure can only be unlocked via Captain’s Key.

How to start a Voyage?

The voyage will start after voting and you will get a quest. The first will be Trade Route Map for locating a missing delivery. If you are playing this one and search for two vital details, first one is Origin island and the second one is destination island. Just refer to the Trade Route Map to know where they are exactly.

Sea of Thieves: How to Start a Voyage?

It will not be challenging to find the Origin Island, just sail towards the same for the clue. If you are on the Outpost then you won’t have to look far. Face your ship to the direction of the Trade Route and travel to the destination island. Look for birds flying around the sky and jump down in the water for scanning the debris.

Where to find the sunken ship?

During this voyage while scanning through the clues your last goal is to find the shipwreck. If you are able to find one you will unlock massive amount of loot. And this is not so complicated to solve the mystery. Follow the log to grab all the clues and continue with the map. Depending on your rank the clues will increase or decrease. If you are on a good reputation level you might won’t have to struggle much in finding the captains key. To help you more refer to the video below.

You can either choose to find the treasures hidden in a sunken boat or sell the captain’s key to a merchant. Selling it will give you 2500 gold. But it is best to find the treasure chest which will give you far more loot than the selling cost.