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How To Beat The Guardian In Battletoads Easily (Boss Guide)

Find out how to defeat and take down the Guardian boss in Battletoads easily.

In Act 1 Stage 7 (Time for Plan B), you will encounter a boss called the Guardian. This boss fight will require you to punch and kick a lot of things (eyeballs, to be specific) as it is a beat ’em up game. But apart from unleashing chaos, you also have to prevent the boss from attacking you. If you are stuck on this level and want to know how to defeat the Guardian in Battletoads, this guide will help you out.

How to Defeat the Guardian Boss in Battletoads

What you need to do first is grab the eye that appears with your tongue. When you pull the Summoner Eye and start punching the heck out of it, more eyeballs will appear. Go ahead and punch them all too. But beware, because the Guardian will also land some of his punches on you from the top. Make sure to evade them.


A good trick to know where he is going to punch from is to keep an eye (hehe) on the ceiling. There will be some dust that will fall from that particular area first. Once you notice that, dodge it by heading to the opposite direction. If you end up under his fist, you will lose quite a bit of your health. But there will be flies around you so you must quickly aim and grab them before you lose all your health. If you are playing with a friend, tell them to revive you as well.

While you are busy punching the eyeballs, there will be some radioactive containers that will fall down. You have to go ahead and kick them onto the Guardian which will lower his health.

That is what you have to do to eventually beat the Guardian in Battletoads easily. Continue this process of evading, punching, kicking over and over again to emerge victorious. For more such helpful tricks, be sure to check our Battletoads guides.