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How To Heal In Battletoads | Healing Your Health

Have you taken damage and want to heal your health but don't know how? Healing yourself is easy. This is how to heal in Battletoads.

Battletoads 2020 can be super easy or mighty difficult based on your difficulty settings. But no matter what it is, you will lose some health during combat with smaller enemies or bosses like Porkshank. That’s why it is essential to know how to heal in Battletoads and this guide will show you exactly that. We will explain how to heal yourself while playing in single player mode as well as how to revive another player during local co-op. Now without further ado, let’s begin.

Battletoads: How to Heal Health Fast

Since you are playing as Toads in this game, the best way to heal yourself is to eat flies. You will see some flies around you occasionally and you have to press LT and then aim your tongue towards the fly with the left analog stick and then press Y to eat it.

For PC players, CTRL + RMB is what you need to do to catch a Health Fly.


It will need practice because there are quite a few controls you have to remember in this game, but eventually you will get a hang of it.

Based on how much health you need, you can eat that quantity of flies. Eat more than one if you have been injured quite a bit.

If you are playing on the Battletoads difficulty, the chances to heal will be lesser compared to the Tadpole difficulty. So, it is important to plan out your attacks wisely because you will also take more damage in the highest difficulty setting.

There’s another way to heal health and that will happen when you revive your teammates in local co-op mode. Approach the fallen teammate and then revive them by pressing LB. This will bring them back in action with some health. Similarly, they can revive you too. Since this will not give you full health, make sure to eat flies you see to fill up your health bar.

That is basically how to heal yourself in Battletoads. Whenever you are low on health, be sure to use these techniques and continue enjoying the game. In our other articles, we’ve covered a lot of important tips and tricks for you so that you can excel in this game alone or with friends in local co-op. Go ahead and check out all our latest Battletoads guides on Gamer Tweak.