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How To Beat FF7 Remake In Hard Mode – Top Tips You Must Know

Unlock the hard mode

To unlock Final Fantasy 7 Remake Hard Mode, you will have to complete the story first. After doing this as a new FF7 Remake Game Plus you can play it again in Hard Mode. The regular story mode is forgiving but when it comes to the hard mode real challenges begin now. So here are some of the best tips on how to play FF7 Remake in hard mode. What are the most important things you must remember?

Hard Mode as it sounds is tough, here you will get a chance to fully upgrade your weapon. You will also unlock some tough bosses and earn the best armors and accessories in FF7 Remake. If you are ready for the challenge then let’s begin

FF7 Remake Hard Mode Guide:

In Hard Mode everything is tough, so there are some important points you must take care of before entering into the new Game+.

Use Guard Effectively:

The amount of damage you will take in FF7 Remake Hard Mode is higher, so it is safe to play defensive. Enemies are tougher, they won’t be easy on you. Instead of taking too much damage to be ready to use the Guard ability. In Normal Mode, you can skip this, but in Hard Mode to reduce the damage and avoid getting dying fast guard yourself against enemies attack. Be ready to block and stay near to your allies.

  • Press R1 to defend. Remember this key you will be using this a lot.
  • The successful defense will lower damage and fill your ATB meter.
  • Be ready to Dodge, this will throw you out of the enemy’s attack range.
  • Switch to another player to use different abilities, your allies will defend themselves.

Be Ready to Revive:

Revival is a method where you restore your knocked out an ally in the combat. And this is going to happen, so you will have to unlock FF7 Remake Revival spells. For this, you will need Revival Materia which will help you to restore allies full Health Bar.

  • Revive Materia allows you to use Revive Spells, it cost 3000 Gil.
    Arise that cost 14 MP will restore full HP. Unlock Level 2 to add Arise. Arise costs 5000 AP in combat.
    In Chapter 4 on the Sector 7 Plate Edge look for a shop to buy it. You can also buy it in Chapter 8 and Chapter 9.

Switching Characters:

The different character possesses different abilities and can equip different Materia’s. You can then upgrade the character’s armors, weapons, and abilities as you progress. So when you are multiple allies in your party like Barret or Tifa be ready to switch between them. After completing the story you will be well versed in using everyone. Switching between allies will help you to use a different types of attacks. Also, keep an eye on the Summon’s that will add more power to your team.

Learn Enemies Weakness:

Use Assess Materia whenever required, it will help you to find out enemies’ weakness. Using Materia you can find what type of attacks is best suitable to defeat the boss. For example, a Shock Trooper is weak against Fire. Sweeper the giant robot is weak against Lightning attack. Finding out the weakness is a key aspect to help you in dealing with bosses. FF7 Remake is a long game, in Hard Mode, you will be starting from the very beginning and facing all type of guards, monsters, and main bosses

Preserve MP:

Save your MP to use spells, like Healing Spells. Do not waste it, in Hard Mode you will have to be more tactical. Using a proper strategy will make your journey easier. If you think you had defeated a boss in Normal Mode and will work the way in Hard Mode then you will fail. In Hard Mode, MP is an important currency to prevent, you will have to keep max in your pocket. Prayer and Chakra Materia are two important Materia’s you must always have. Prayer will give you healing and Chakra heals a single one. You must always have these induced to your weapon slot.

Following the above tips you will be be able to get through the Hard Mode. But remember this is hard mode, damage is high and so gains. Rewards unlocked during Hard Mode are the best one to unlock in FF7 Remake.