How Many Trash Cans Are In Belobog Honkai Star Rail Quiz

Want to save time & get puzzle answers right away? Check out our guide to find out answers to how many Trash cans are in Belobog for the Honkai Star Rail Dumpster Quiz.

The Dumpster quiz in Honkai Star Rail involves answering how many trash cans are in Belobog. Similar to Genshin, you can get many rewards for completing short quizzes in Star Rail. Once you reach the quiz area in Boulder Town, you will find a sparkling trash can and two dumpsters beside it. As soon as you interact with it, the game time and quiz will begin asking you two questions. Both of these questions are related to counting the number of trashcans. Answering them correctly rewards an item on completion. You can either count or guess the total number of trash cans in Belobog. Or you can save up your time and find out both the answers to the Dumpster quiz from our guide below right away.

Quiz Answers – How Many Trash Cans in Belobog Honkai Star Rail

how many trash cans are in belobog honkai star rail dumpster quiz

Here are both answers to the Dumpster Quiz that asks how many trashcans are in Belobog in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Question 1: Game time. Guess: How many trash cans are there in Belobog? Attention: trashcans put side by side together are considered as one. But those that you can see but cannot be reached do not count.
    • Answer: 20
  • Question 2: Guess: How many trash cans are there in this town? The rules are the same: Trash cans placed side-by-side are considered one. But, those that you can see but cannot be reached do not count. Count only those: cylindrical trash cans.
    • Answer: 5

After answering both the puzzle answers, you can claim and receive a reward. Scroll till the end to find out the rewards.

All Belobog Trash Can & Dumpster Quiz Rewards

You are rewarded with x1 Pleasant-Looking Trash once you answer both the Dumpster quiz answers. While this item may not sound much rewarding, it restores four technique points for your team once you consume it. Using the Pleasant Looking Trash can be beneficial during combat and different battles. Since it is a battleconsumable item, you can save it up and use it during times of distress.

Where to Start Honkai Star Rail Trash Can Quiz in Belobog

For the players confused about completing this quiz, you must progress the Jarilo-VI questline. Once you unlock Boulder Town in Jarilo VI planet, you can find this puzzle near Goethe Grand Hotel. Look for an alleyway near this Hotel and head towards it. As you head down the alley, you will find a sparkly Trashcan with two dumpsters next to it. Finally, interact with the trash can to start with the quiz.

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