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Honkai Star Rail All Hidden Children Locations (Hide-and-Seek Quest)

There are three children in the Hide-and-Seek quest that you will need to find. Here is the location of all the Hidden Children in Honkai Star Rail.

The Hide-and-Seek quest in Honkai Star Rail may sound fun to many players. The goal objective is to find all the hidden children and win at Boulder Town. The mission may feel like any hide-and-seek game that we played as kids. But the reality is that Trailblazers along with March 7th will actually struggle to find the three children – Hook, Cunning Child, and Julian. If you want to know the location of the Hidden Children then you’re at the right place. Here is how to find all the Hidden Children and Win to progress in Honkai Star Rail’s main storyline.

All Hidden Children Locations In Honkai Star Rail


The Honkai Star Rail Hidden Children Locations in the Hide-and-Seek quest are:

  1. Hook – Behind the Minecarts in the southern Boulder Town
  2. Cunning Child – Near a pile of boxes on the east side.
  3. Julian – Disguised as a tall man with red pants at the center of the town.


These are the locations of the 3 hidden children. But if you are still having trouble going about it, then check out all the steps to find them.

How to Find the Hidden Children in Hide-and-Seek Quest


Finding Hook and the Cunning Child is pretty straightforward. You will just have to go inside the yellow quest circle displayed on your map to complete the Hide-and-Seek quest. However, locating the third hidden child – Julian is very difficult. March 13th will spot him first and a short cutscene will play. The adult man will refuse to speak or answer anything at first. But after some probing questions by March 13th and the Trailblazer, he will speak up. And as soon as he does, March 17th will point out the child-like voice of this adult man. This is the last hidden child Julian, who disguised himself as a tall adult man. This will help you find all the Hidden children and win the Hide-and-Seek quest. Hook will then take you to the Fight Club that you were looking for as promised.

That’s everything covered on how to find all the Hidden Children in Honkai Star Rail. For more guides on the RPG, head to our Honkai Star section.