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How To Get Maximum Prime Tokens Fast In FIFA Mobile

Read this guide to learn how to get TOTY Prime Tokens in FIFA Mobile.

Wondering how to get Prime Tokens fast in FIFA Mobile? Then you’re at the right place. Prime tokens will help you get icon players who are rated 110 or even 112! So, if you want to get your hands on a 110 rated Ballack or a 112 OVR Maldini, then you should know how to get maximum Prime tokens quickly. Keep reading to find out!

How to Get TOTY Prime Tokens in FIFA Mobile

daily rewards prime tokens

There are four ways to get maximum Prime tokens in FIFA Mobile. You can watch ads, complete the Reward path, do the Daily Login, collect rewards from the Star Pass and use gems for packs. We will explain how to do all of these below:

Watch Ads

You can watch ads from the Prime Icons tab in the TOTY event. You will get 3 Prime tokens from each ad which comes around to a total of 9 tokens in a day. However, you will only be able to watch 3 ads every day. Since the Prime Icon campaign runs for 8 weeks, you can get a total of 504 Prime tokens in 56 days. To cut to the chase, you can get maximum Prime Tokens in FIFA Mobile by watching ads. So, don’t forget to miss them out as they won’t take much of your time or even money!

Reward Path

Another way to farm Prime tokens is by claiming rewards from the Reward path in the TOTY event. The path is spread out into 8 weeks. The fourth node in every week will give you 7 Prime tokens. You can progress through the path by playing matches, skill games and watching ads. Since you get 7 tokens per week, you will get a total of 56 Prime Tokens from Reward path.

Daily Login

The third method is claiming your rewards from the Daily Login. You will get 2 Prime tokens on the second day of every week and 5 tokens on the fifth day. In all, you can get a total of 56 Prime Tokens during the whole event that spans 8 weeks.

Star Pass

star pass

Another way to earn Prime Tokens is by collecting the free rewards from the Star Pass. If you have a paid version of the Star Pass, you will be eligible to get a total of 90 Prime tokens. However, FIFA Mobile players who have the free version of the Star Pass will only be able to get 45 tokens.

Use Gems to Purchase Packs

Lastly, you can also use your Gems to purchase packs from the store. The Standard pack is worth 2500 gems and will give you 10 Prime tokens along with a TOTY or Icons player, coupons and coins. The Elite pack on the other hand will cost 5000 Gems and will reward you with 20 Prime tokens and other items. Keep in mind that these packs are limited to 10 purchases each. This means that you can get 100 tokens from the Standard pack and 200 from the Elite one.

That is all you need to know about how to get Prime Tokens in FIFA Mobile. If you found our guide helpful, then you might also like how to get free FIFA points in FIFA Mobile on Gamer Tweak.