How Many Competitive Points Per Win In Overwatch 2? (Answered)

Milton Dsouza
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The FPS games of the current generation have something called a Ranked Mode. This allows players of a similar rank to match up with each other. Overwatch 2 has its own Competitive Play mode with its own rules. If you want to buy a particular golden weapon in the game, you will need to earn enough Competitive Points from each match. We will answer all the FAQs regarding CP in this guide. But before that, let’s find out how many Comp Points you get per win in Overwatch 2.

How Many Comp Points Per Win in Overwatch 2


Winning a game in Overwatch 2 Competitive Mode will grant you 15 Comp Points. However, if the match is a draw, you will receive only 5 CP. Keep in mind that encountering defeat in a game will not grant you any CP. Winning games in competitive games in OW2 will not only help you climb the ranks but also give you a decent amount of Comp Points to begin with. These points can then be used to unlock Golden Weapons.

Comp Points in OW2 FAQ

Refer to our FAQ below to get all your doubts regarding Competitive Points cleared!

How Many Comps Points do you need for Top 500?

Reaching the Top 500 Rankings of OW2 after the Ranked Season ends will give you 1,750 CP points

How to Earn Competitive Points?

Competitive Points can be earned after completing matches in OW2 Competitive Play. But the number of points differs from each result.

  • Win a Match – 15 CP Points
  • Draw a Match – 5 CP Points
  • Lose a Match – 0 CP Points

How to Use Competitive Points?

Competitive Points in OW2 can be used to buy gold weapons for your characters. Since each Gold Weapon costs 3000 Competitive Points, you will have to win hundreds of matches to unlock the gun of your choice.

How Many Wins does it take to Get 3000 Comp Points?

You will need to win 200 games in Competitive Play to get 3000 Comp Points.

That’s everything answered on how many comp points can one earn per win in Overwatch 2. We hope all your doubts were cleared. For more guides about competitive play, heroes, abilities and more, check out our OW2 section on Gamer Tweak.