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How to Beat Raspberry in Cookie Run Kingdom [Survival Guide]

Read this guide to know how to beat Raspberry in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom is an entertaining game with exciting characters and an engaging storyline. Moreover, the game requires you to put down some evil bosses too. One of them is Raspberry cookie, whom players encounter in Stage 27 of Episode 11 in the game. She is definitely one of the toughest bosses that you will come across in the game. She is a single target damage dealer. This means that she utilizes her ultimate skill to target the highest DPS cookie on your team. With only 3 minutes on the clock to defeat her, many players find themselves stuck in what is one of the most difficult battles in the game. This guide will show you how to beat Raspberry in Cookie Run Kingdom.


How to Beat the Raspberry Boss in Cookie Run Kingdom [Survival Tips]

If Raspberry succeeds in eliminating the highest attacker on your team, it is only a matter of time until you lose the fight. The remaining cookies will have a hard time landing attacks on her as the clock keeps ticking. That’s infuriating isn’t it? So, how do you tackle this problem? One of the best ways to get an upper hand and beat Raspberry in Cookie Run Kingdom is to use cookies with the ‘summon’ skill. The whole idea around this is to overwhelm Raspberry completely. You should have atleast 1 cookie on your team that has the ability to summon allies. Here are the ones that you can choose:

  • Snow Sugar Cookie
  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie

defeat raspberry stage 11-27 crk

Best Team to Beat Raspberry in CRK

  • Front – Hollyberry Cookie
  • Middle – Sorbet Shark Cookie, Licorice Cookie
  • Rear – Pure Vanilla Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie is one of the best tanks in CRK. She can absorb tons of damage and is the perfect fit to counter Raspberry in the Front. Sorbet Shark is the perfect Ambush cookie with anti-tank abilities. Supporting it in the Middle is Licorice Cookie. She has the ability to summon six servants onto the battlefield, what more do you possibly need?

On the other hand, Pure Vanilla in Rear is one of the best burst healers in the game. Sea Fairy Cookie can be made even more formidable with the 5 Solid Almond toppings that can be placed on her.


That’s all you need to know about how to beat Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. If these survival tips proved useful, take a look at more such guides in our CRK section.