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How To Become A Housekeeper In BitLife

Want to become a housekeeper on BitLife? This is the guide for you.

Becoming a housekeeper is an important career in BitLife. Especially if you want to win the Sinderella challenge in the game. This career takes some time to appear and so, you will need to keep an eye out for it. But there is more that you need to work on in order to become a housekeeper. Scroll on to find out how you can become a housekeeper in BitLife.

How to Become a BitLife Housekeeper

How to Become a BitLife Housekeeper

Housekeeping is a full-time gig that unfortunately doesn’t pay as much as most careers. If your character is sickly or enjoys a more extravagant lifestyle, this is not the career for them. To become a housekeeper in BitLife, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Age up till you turn 18 in the game
  • Now, you can unlock full-time job listings
  • You must now scroll down to the bottom of the listings
  • Check to see if there is an availability of the housekeeper position

If this position is not there, close the app fully. This means that you must close it down from the windows section as well. After a while, you can open up the app again and check the job listings without having to age up. Use this method easily without having to age up your character all the time.

However, if this method is too much work to put in just to find a particular job listing, you can always allow your character to Age Up. You can also complete other parts of the challenge in the game to make up for lost time instead of just wasting precious years. This is not one of the recommended methods for this challenge as you will not get a lot of time to marry royalty.

This was your guide on how to become a housekeeper in BitLife. If you like playing this game then check out this guide on how you can complete the Bridgerton Challenge to get an idea about how to complete other tasks in the game.