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How To Complete The Bridgerton Challenge In Bitlife

Here is how you can complete the Bridgerton Challenge in BitLife.

Bridgerton is one of Netflix’s most popular shows. Forbidden love and going to beautiful manors for parties have got to be one of the many reasons why viewers are hooked on the show. But as a simple, twenty-first-century gamer, is there a way for you to play the life of your favorite characters in a life simulation game? BitLife has announced its newest challenge for all you Bridgerton fans. Even though it may seem tricky, here is how you too can complete the Bridgerton Challenge in BitLife.


Guide to Complete the Bridgerton Challenge in BitLife

How To Complete The Bridgerton Challenge In Bitlife

To complete this Challenge, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • Be born a female in the UK
  • Become a famous author
  • Attend 15+ parties with your friends
  • Spread rumors about your friends 10+ times
  • Marry a royal

Note, to do some of these tasks, you will need to use God Mode but you can also complete the challenge without it. While some are easier than others, here are the steps needed to complete the tasks efficiently in BitLife.


Fulfill the following character traits in a new life when playing the game:

  • Be born a Female
  • Be born in the United Kingdom

If you have God Mode then you can even make your smarts above 90.


How to Become a Famous Author in BitLife

  • Make sure that you maintain your smarts by studying and working harder in school
  • Once you graduate school, you can choose to either do a major in English or look for a writer job in a publication
  • Either way, you will need to get a writing job that you need to consistently keep your performance high in

If you have followed all of these steps then you should become a famous author within five to ten years. This will guarantee that the first two tasks are completed. Now, you will need to make sure that you are simultaneously completing the other three at the same time.

How to Make and Lose Friends in BitLife

  • Make as many friends from school as possible from the ages of four to seventeen
  • When you start working, you can make friends with as many people in your workplace as well
  • Maintain friendships by using the Spend Time with All button in Relationships

Now that you have many friends, you need to choose certain friends that you want to party with and which ones you want to spread rumors about. You can even go to parties with some and then spread rumors about the same friends right after to be safe. This will lead you to make and lose tons of friends at the same time.


How to Become a Royal in BitLife

The last of these tasks is the trickiest to do. To marry a royal in BitLife, you will need to use a dating app until you find a royal or search for one at the gym. Simply win their hearts with great flirting and loyalty. Within no time, you should be married.

This was your guide on how to complete the Bridgerton Challenge in BitLife. If this guide has helped you then check out this one on how to become Queen in BitLife Queen Mother Challenge.