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BitLife: How To Become Queen Challenge

Here's how to be born as a female in England and become Queen in BitLife Queen Mother Challenge.

BitLife has a new challenge this week that many players are having trouble completing. This week’s challenge is the “Queen Mother Challenge”. This challenge has many tasks that need to align at right time to get the achievement. So today will look at how to be born as a female in England and become Queen in BitLife Queen Mother Challenge.

BitLife Queen Mother Challenge


Bitlife Queen Mother Challenge
Image Courtesy: Bitlife Champion

You have to do four tasks to complete Queen Mother Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born a female in England
  • Become Queen of England for 70 years
  • Have 20+ babies during your reign
  • Never get a driver’s license


So you need to be born a princess in England or marry a person from the Royal family. Then you need to quickly rise as Queen of England. Then you need to have 20 kids as Queen, all while avoiding a driver’s license the whole time. Avoiding a driver’s license is the easiest part of this Queen Mother Challenge. You just do not get a “Driving Test” anytime during the game. But the rest of the tasks might be challenging, so we will look at them in a bit more detail.

How to Be Born as Female in England in BitLife

To be born as a female in England (BitLife) you need to do 4 main steps:


  1. Start by creating your character
  2. Choose your gender as “Female”
  3. Select your country as “United Kingdom”
  4. Next, select any city you like (preferably London)

How to Become Queen of England in BitLife

To become Queen of England in BitLife, you have to make sure you are born as a princess to the current king & queen. If you have the “God Mode” enabled then this will be very easy to do. Or else you will need to keep restarting a new game as a female in England, till you get royalty by chance. If you are out of luck then your next best option is to date and marry someone Royal in England. This is possible through Dating apps or by meeting them and by falling in love. Once you get married you have a high chance to become queen.


If you are born as the princess you need to age your character to adulthood, then kill both the current king & queen to replace them as reigning sovereign. This is the easiest way to become Queen. Once you become the Queen of England, then date any man, use the spend time option, propose and marry immediately. Once you are married, go to the “Relationships” tab, click on your husband, then click on the “Make Love” option. You have to repeat this till you get a prompt on the screen saying “You are pregnant with your husband’s baby”. You have to keep the baby, and then click on the “+Age” button. You can repeat this till you have 20 children as per the challenge’s task. Once you complete 70 years of your reign, you will successfully complete the BitLife Queen Mother Challenge.

That’s all about how to be born as a female in England and become Queen in BitLife Queen Mother Challenge. For more tips and tricks, check out our BitLife Guides on Gamer Tweak.