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House Party Walkthrough – How to Unlock Rewards & Interact with Characters

House Party can be confusing, there are hidden rewards you can unlock from each character. But to do this you will have to follow some steps, and this walkthrough will guide you exactly what to do.

House Party is a fun open-ended social simulator game. It features point to click adventure game where every decision changes the story. There are various characters in House Party and interaction with each can lead to a sweet or rough night. In this House Party Game Walkthrough, I will guide you with every interaction with different characters in the game. It is a kind of complete romance guide with each interaction info and its consequences.


You have to follow the steps below the characters to achieve the desired results. Check the House Party Romance guide with all characters like Madison, Ashley, Katherine, Rachel, Vickie, Stephanie, Brittney, Amy, Frank, and Harem. Want to try some House Party cheats click here.

House Party Game Wiki Walkthrough

The walkthrough is divided based on different characters and interaction results with them.

1. Madison Walkthrough:

  1. Introduce yourself to Frank to unlock conversation with Madison.
  2. Choose – “I think I’d like to get to know you a little better” > Ask for Bathroom and choose optional dialogue about Frank. This will increase your friendship with Madison.
  3. Introduce yourself to Ashley and choose the following conversation options.
    1. You’re Madison’s sister? I never would have guessed.
    2. I saw Frank checking you out.
    3. What’s the deal with you and Madison anyway?
  4. Collect the mysterious key on the left of the Fireplace next to the white vase. The bathroom key is in the garage, look on the left shelf as you enter.
  5. Go to the Master Bedroom, it is upstairs the first door on the right. Go to the bathroom, the first door on the left, and look for Madison’s phone near the sink.
  6. Collect the yellow pencil from another room upstairs. Go to the end of the hallway towards the last room. Look for a blue door and inside you will see a Bunk Bed with a desk. Grab the yellow pencil, it is on the desk.
  7. Brittney is in the room beside the one with Bunk Bed. Introduce yourself and then look near the laptop. Collect the piece of paper.
  8. Return back to the master bedroom, and next to the bed there is a table. It is in the corner with a mirror on it. Look for a gastronomy book on it and use the paper with a pencil. Collect the paper and you will get passcode of Madison’s Safe.
  9. You will have to grab Madison’s Diary which in the closet of Master bedroom. But there is one condition, unlock the safe only when no one is around.
  10. Talk to Madison about Brittney and return her phone.
  11. Make sure you and Madison are alone in the room, then ask Madison for a reward. She will agree to prank Ashley, if Ashley is around your plan will fail.
  12. Find Ashley and help her to dry off. Compliment her  that she is cute.
  13. Go to the bathroom downstairs, and grab the towel. Give that to Ashley. Offer your help to wash her clothes.
  14. Now to gain her trust give her Madison’s diary. After this, she will agree to let you wash her clothes. Follow her to the room with a bunk bed and collect the wet clothes.
  15. Ask her if she wants something else. Ashley wants a soda.
  16. Return to the Master Bedroom before you go down to collect Soda from the Fridge. In the master bedroom go to the closet and grab a while bottle of eye drop from the bottom shelves.
  17. Next, go down and get the soda from the fridge, also grab the skeleton key from the bathroom. The key is between green and blue plate, look opposite of white socket.
  18. Lock the bathroom downstairs, then go upstairs and lock Master Bedroom bathroom. Look at the bathroom beside Ashley’s room, so that she cannot run into the bathroom.
  19. Now give her the Soda and she will start feeling sick. Without clothes, she runs downstairs and exposed in front of everyone.
  20. Talk to Madison and collect your reward.

1a. Madison Blackmail Steps:


In the above House Party walkthrough, on Step – 9 you found Madison’s diary in the Closet. You can now trigger a Madison Blackmail side objective here to take an alternate path. Or else you can continue playing with the above steps. Still, if you want then do the following things after Step- 9 – Madison’s Diary.

  1. Find Ashley and choose the option – I can see the resemblance between you and Madison.
  2. Give Madison’s phone to Ashley when Madison is not around. Choose an option – maybe it is her phone and she will agree to prank Madison.
  3. Give Madison’s Diary to Ashley and you will get phone passcode.
  4. Open your Inventory and you can see what is inside Madison’s phone. Click the Images and click the email icon to store the pictures.
  5. Return to Madison and give her the phone. Talk here about the pictures, to trigger the Blackmail path.
  6. Follow Madison to the Master Bedroom and lock the door with the Mysterious Key you found in the bathroom behind the fridge downstairs. (Look Step 4 under Madison Guide).
  7. Talk to Madison and unlock the reward.

1b. Ashley Reward Guide:

During the same interaction if you do not choose Madison’s Blackmail reward path you can go with Ashley and unlock sweet rewards. So here is what you have to do.

  1. After Step 14 in Madison Guide, Ashley has trusted you with her clothes.
  2. Take the clothes and go to the laundry room. It is opposite the upstairs. Wash the clothes, before it completes go down and grab the sod from the fridge.
  3. Give the Soda to the Ashley and return to the Washing Machine, put the wet clothes in the dryer, and wait until it finishes.
  4. Return the clothes to Ashley and then talk to her. She will not agree to reward you.


2. Katherine Walkthrough:

  1. Introduce yourself to Stephanie, a girl in a blue dress dancing beside the fireplace.
  2. Collect the mysterious key from the top left corner of the fireplace.
  3. Introduce your self to Katherine and choose the following options.
    • we use need out of intended purpose.
    • I noticed you looking at your phone.
    • who would ever be a ♥♥♥♥ to you.
    • Ask about Stephanie and choose I could use a drink.
  4. Find and tell Frank you are not drunk, ash him to guard alcohol all night. Then discuss about Katherine.
  5. Now go to Katherine and ask her which drink she likes. Tell her Frank is guarding the alcohol and he fancies her.
  6. Return to Frank and discuss about Katherine to strike a deal.
  7. Go upstairs and find Brittney. She is the room with laptop and desk. Look for SD card on the desk close to pen or calculator. From your inventory, use the camera with SD card.
  8. Return downstairs and go to the garage. You can access it through the kitchen.
  9. You will have to move Katherine, so you can either use the Cell Phone Jammer from your inventory or keep pushing her by walking towards her. Move her into a room where there are no people around.
  10. You have to convince Katherine for a picture without the the top, tell her Frank wants the pic. Ask her to pose removing the top only.
  11. From the inventory choose camera and click the picture and then tell her to relax.
  12. Return to Frank and look on the right of his chair. There is an cabinet with full of alcohol. Look for a empty bottle of Vodka and ask Frank about it. Take the bottle.
  13. To take one of the bottles you will have to give Frank your camera. Grab the rum.
  14. Return to Katherine and give her the drink, she will ask you to remove all your clothes and walk around the house. Do it and get reactions from everyone including Katherine. Talk to her in the end.
  15. Katherine is no ready to be with you, so grab salami from the fridge and fill up the empty vodka bottle with water from the sink faucet.
  16. Follow Katherine to the master bedroom give her the food and water.
  17. She may want to leave you the room, you can walk in and out of the master bed room bathroom. That’s it you can now take your reward.

Following every step in about House Party Walkthrough will help you to unlock all the rewards with each character. Stay tuned for more updates on the game.