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House Party – How to Use the Console Commands Cheats

House Party is one of the weirdest and naughtiest games that have come out in recent years. It revoles around you being invited to a house party and the choices you make lead to some interesting events throughout the night. You can turn your House Party night around, using the console commands and knowing a few cheats isn’t going to spoil the game for you, rather it can turn things around if they are going sour.

Certain things and articles can be taken off with the help of cheats and these can go along some way if you find yourself with someone who is completely into you or someone who you might have a chance with.


How to Use the Console Commands in House Party

To use cheats first you will have to press the ~ button, which you can find above the tab key. Simply pressing it will open up the menu in which you can now enter the cheats for things to go your way.

house party console commands


Warp To

Warp to helps you teleport to the person you want to find, in this house party people tend to move around and if you don’t want to end up finding the person you can enter these cheats to get to the person.

  • warpto vickie player
  • warpto amy player
  • warpto brittney player
  • warpto ashley player
  • warpto katherine player
  • warpto stephanie player
  • warpto rachael player
  • warpto madison player



You can also instantly get any character to remove their clothes if you wish to you simply have to enter the following commands.

Change Stephanie wih what character you want to strip or clothe. 0 for top, 1 for pants/skirt, 2 panties/boxers, 3 bra/bikini top, 4 shoes.

  • clothing stephanie 0 off
  • clothing stephanie 1 off
  • clothing stephanie 2 off
  • clothing stephanie 3 off
  • clothing stephanie 4 off



Once you earn Stephanie’s trust you can make her pose and there are about 25 poses she will strike for you. All you need to do is enter these commands.

  • pose stephanie 0 true
  • pose stephanie 1 true
  • pose stephanie 2 true
  • pose stephanie 3 true
  • pose stephanie 4 true

This is all there is to know about console command cheats in House Party. Follow Gamer Tweak for more Tips, tricks and cheats.