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How to Unlock 18 Plus Content On House Party?

House Party has some hidden secrets, you can access new content by installing the House Party Uncensor Patch. Here is a detailed guide on that.

House Party is a game of good evenings, and some content is locked. It can be accessed only via patches or cheat codes. If you are looking to find out more details about access to the uncensored part of House Party then here is how to do that.

How to unlock House Party Mature Content?

Remember when we talk about extending the game with new content then it is suitable for a mature audience. If you are playing this game and getting bored with the same thing and interaction then there is a hidden fun way of breaking the boredom. That via Uncensor patch that does a lot more than expected.

To enable House Party 18+ Content you will have to first download the Uncensor patch. So just google around to find the patch files. This patch can remove the restriction on censored content in the House Party game. Get the patch and extract its content in a folder. Open My Computer and open Documents. Go to the Eek folder and then open House Party.

Look for the Mods folder inside House Party and create a new folder. Name it Censorship, ignore if this folder is already available. Extract the content of House Party Uncensor Patch into this folder. That’s it, this is the only thing you need to remove the restriction completely from House Party.

Adding the patch will give you access to the wild side of the House Party game. It is usually about interaction, breaking up a secret conversation with various characters in the house, and increasing your chances of getting a good evening. But sometimes this can be too clumsy and things can stretch a lot. For that, you can check our House Party Rewards guide. And why not to try some House Party Cheat Codes to explore more about the game?