How To Host A Public Game In Content Warning

Creating a Public Game in Content Warning requires a little bit of luck. Here’s everything that you must know before trying it out.

Several players are wondering if it’s possible to let random players join our game in Content Warning. Well, that’s a genuine question for players who don’t want to leave an empty slot in their Party. So aside from one or two friends, you can use a random player’s help in filming something scary. To be honest, that’s only possible if you somehow become the host of a public lobby.

In this guide, we are going to help you with that. So if you want to Host a public game in Content Warning, this is how you get started.

Here’s How to Host a Public Game in Content Warning

Becoming the Host of a public game requires some luck in Content Warning. Technically, you can’t Host a game from scratch. Instead, you can join a Random Lobby where you will be teamed with 3 other players. A random player will become the Host of this public game. So if you see, you can not host a public game with your friend in Content Warning.

However, if you enter a public game and other random players haven’t joined yet, you can send invites to your friends using the console in your house. Let’s say you want to invite only one friend, in that case, you can send one invite and the remaining two players will be random strangers. The odds for this to happen are very less but still worth giving a try. But you will have to make sure this happens before all the slots are filled by random players.

That’s basically how you can Host a public game in Content Warning. I would suggest you play with your friends only. Because then you will be able to communicate better and make money fast on SpookTube. Otherwise, you will always find it difficult to earn views on your videos.