Horizon Forbidden West New Details on Regions, Dangers, & Storms Revealed

The September issue of Official PlayStation Magazine UK revealed some new details on the new PS5 exclusive title of Horizon Forbidden West.

As we are aware, Horizon Forbidden West was recently revealed during the PlayStation 5 games presentation event, today the first significant details about the game that fans have been waiting for a long time have finally emerged.

Some fans had already recognized the game region, but today we finally have new confirmations: Aloy’s new adventure will be set between Utah and the Pacific Ocean with San Francisco and Yosemite Valley confirmed as places to explore.

As it was also known from the video, the famous Golden Gate Bridge fell into the ocean, but some of the most iconic structures have been inserted so as to be noticed by the players.

The director Mathijs De Jonge shared some details about the improvements implemented in this second chapter. Here are his words: “With the additional power of the PS5 we can make the world even more detailed, more vibrant, more immersive.”

In addition, it was also revealed that San Francisco was devastated by a major earthquake, which started at the exact moment when Earth as we know definitively entered chaos. Our planet is now teeming with new wildlife, both living and mechanical.

From the video, we were able to admire some of these new creatures, and in line with the first chapter also in this new adventure, you can find and dismantle the weak points of the various machines.

Several mechanical beasts have already been revealed: the Shellsnapper, or that sort of giant tortoise, is found in coastal and marshy regions, the Snapjaws are crocodiles and are found in the now submerged Ferry Building, and the Sunwings that look like pterodactyls can be seen in the tropical area of ​​California.

Aloy will also face nature’s fury in the form of storms. These cause a lot of damage and change to the game world, but their actual weight within the experience has not yet been revealed. These storms also produce red electrical energy sparks, which cause what is called “red blight.” This disease infects the earth and weakens wildlife, destroys crops and most lives die.

This is the information we have now on the title, but we hope that Guerrilla Games will release new information on Horizon Forbidden West soon.

Recall that Horizon Forbidden West will release on PS5 in 2021.