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Horizon Forbidden West Revealed During PlayStation 5 Event

Aloy is back in Horizon Forbidden West and ever since Horizon Zero Dawn was released, fans flocked to the Guerilla Games product and were mesmerized with Aloy’s story. The game not only is a sequel but it looks like the expansion everyone was waiting for.

Not only do you delve deep into the world long lost, but Horizon Forbidden West takes things deeper than ever before. Now only will you be fighting machines on land but there are dangers and an opportunity everywhere you go.

Horizon Forbidden West will uncover further secrets of the world giving Aloy more abilities to tinker with, more places to explore, and hopefully new enemies and characters to interact with.

Horizon Forbidden West even managed to show some of the last remnants of the world as we know, with the iconic golden gate bridge covered in moss. Now there is a sense that the game’s various biomes will take players vast distances.

Though the crab shown in the reveal video might hint towards animals and other life sources being in the game, biology has been lost except for a few human settlements and it looks like Aloy has to save the earth from a danger that hasn’t been

The rumors have been going around for a couple of months with Guerilla Games working on the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn but there was no indication as to what and when it would have been delivered.

While there is still no exact release date for Horizon Forbidden West, it looks like the release date might be around the release date of the console itself or it will release on the release date itself.

There is so much that’s happening in Horizon Forbidden West and judging simply from the prequel, it sure looks like Guerilla Games will deliver an experience like no other. It will be interesting to see how much of the game is scalable, giving you much more vantage points to take down your enemies.

Hopefully, we’ll know more about Horizon Forbidden West in the coming months up to the launch of the PlayStation 5.