Tower Of Fantasy: How To Unlock The Home System

Find out how you can get your own Island to build your home

While exploring the world of Aida, you will go to various different places that offer so much beauty in the virtual plane that you can’t help but think about building your own abode in one of these places. Most MMORPG’s just involve the players exploring and completing quests that they rarely ever get to sit back and design a nice shelter for their character. However, with Tower of Fantasy releasing the update 1.5, it is now possible for players to get their own home system on a land called the Artificial Island.

How To Get The Home System in Tower of Fantasy

The Home System in Tower of Fantasy is available on a separate island exclusive from the lore, called The Artificial Island. However, you don’t immediately have access to this island. First things first, you need to be Level 50 in the game and at least have access to Chapter 2 in the plot line. Now, you should receive an invitation to visit the Artificial Island.

Tower Of Fantasy How To Unlock The Home System

Once you get to the Island, all you need to do in order to unlock the Home System is complete Kalador’s questline. This is a pretty straightforward task but it may take you a while. You need to collect 10 Dev Logs spread all across the island to be able to construct on the island. Completing this quest opens up access to the Home System and you will be able to use the Build option in the game.

However, if you find the task of looking for the Logs fairly tedious and want to skip building, you can get access to the Home System on Level 60 by purchasing it for 840 Exploration Points right away. You can now build on this island with the help of resources and construction material in the game.

That is everything you need to know on how to unlock the Home System in Tower of Fantasy. If you found this article helpful and want more related content, check out this guide on how to get to the Artificial Island.