Hollow Knight: Most Important Characters

Let's take a look at the most important characters in Hollow Knight.

Players who choose to enter into the depths of Hallownest are in for a journey of a lifetime. From the luscious fauna of Greenpath to the melancholic City of Tears, the game is dripping with mystery and intrigue. This kingdom of bugs and cretins is home to some of the most interesting characters we’ve encountered. Let’s take a look at the most important characters in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight Characters Guide

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  • Conifer – A map maker by trade, Conifer can be found in every new area you enter, ready to sell you a hand-drawn map for your travels
  • Iselda – Married to the mapmaker Conifer, she mans the shop in Dirtmouth where you can purchase valuable equipment.
  • Charm Lover Salubra – Sells the player charms and charm notches from her shop in the empty village in the Forgotten Crossroads.
  • Naismith – Can upgrade your only weapon The Nail to make it stronger. You can find his shop in the City of Tears.
  • Leg Eater – Found in the Fungal Wastes hiding among dead bugs, he sells you fragile charms that only he can repair once broken.
  • Sly – This tiny bug can be found in the abandoned villages of the Forgotten Crossroads and infected with a mysterious disease but there’s more to him than meets the eye.
  • Little Fool – Meet him at the entrance to the Colosseum and pay the dues of entry required.
  • Millibelle the Banker – True to her name she will store your geo for safekeeping.
  • Relic Seeker Lemm – You can sell him any relic you find on your journey in exchange for geo at his shop in the City of Tears.
  • Confessor Jiji – Hiding in the far corner of Dirtmouth, she can conjure your lost shade but she only takes rancid eggs in return.
  • Steel Soul Jinn – Replaces the Confessor Jiji in the Steel Soul mode of the game. Just sits there staring at you.
  • Tuk – Can be found under the City of tears in the Royal Waterways look for treasure, sells your rancid eggs for geo.
  • The Last Stag -This old beast connects all the areas of the game through his Stagways and provides the player with fast travel across regions.
  • Divine – Part of the Grimm Troupe DLC, she will upgrade your Fragile Charms to Unbreakable Charms for geo.


  • Cloth – A brave warrior on her own journey through the kingdom who you’ll meet at different intervals of the story.
  • Quirrel – A charming explorer out to uncover the mysteries of Hollownest with his own nail.
  • Tiso – An adventurer on his way to the Colosseum Of Fools. Equipped with a shield he claims has a few tricks up his sleeve.
  • Zote The Mightly – A warrior of great renown, the mightly Zote can be found trapped in various regions waiting for the player to rescue him.
  • Hornet – A fleeting glimpse and challenging boss fight(here’s a Guide on beating her) are how we meet Hornet, who then becomes a reluctant ally. We’ll see more of her in Hollow Knight: Silksong(Whenever that comes out).

Quest givers

  • Dreamers – Consisting of Monomon the Teacher, Lurien the Watcher, and Herrah The Beast. The dreamers stand in your way to unlocking the truth of Hallownest.
  • Grey Mourner – This cloaked stranger can be found in the Resting grounds waiting for someone to help h her dead lover.
  • Bretta – Rescue her from a trap in the Fungal Wastes to unlock her quest.
  • Grubfather – Free these grub children from their glass jars scattered all over the kingdom and return to him for rewards.
  • Seer – A melancholic figure, she gives the player the Dream Nail and all the weight that carries.
  • The Hunter – Found lurking in the shadows of a cave in Greenpath, he hands you his Hunter’s Journal and commands you to fill out the remaining pages.
  • Brumm – Part of the Grimm Troupe DLC, he plays an important role in the story that unfolds.
  • Troupe Master Grimm – The leader of the Grimm Troupe sends the player out to do his bidding in the promise of rewards to come.
  • Godseeker – Free her from her chains in the Junk Pit to unlock the Godmaster DLC.
  • Nailmaster Mato, Oro, and Sheo – Meet these masters of Nailart to unlock special moves for your nail.

And that’s all the main characters you can meet in Hollow Knight. Check out our list of all the bosses and a Full Interactive map of the game here on Gamer Tweak.