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Hollow Knight: How To Beat Hornet (Boss Guide)

Unable to beat Hornet after countless tries? Check out our guide on how to beat Hornet in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight is a 2D Side-scrolling Metroidvania video game by Team Cherry. The video game features souls-like gameplay that revolves around the dark world of Hallownest. As you progress, you will face several enemies and creatures to defeat. Hornet is one of the characters that you will encounter twice. In these two encounters, she will fight against you to test your combat skills. While there are not many differences in her moves in these both fights, it can be slightly tricky to defeat her. So, here’s our guide on how to beat Hornet in Hollow Knight.

How to Beat Hornet in Hollow Knight

As mentioned, you will face Hornet twice. Firstly, you will face her at the west of the Greenpath near Stag Station. Here are some of the moves she will use against you:

Dashing Needle Attack

This attack will be used by her for most of the fight. When Hornet inflicts this attack, she will unleash her needle in a linear path. You can dodge this attack by jumping until the needle’s back with her. If you time it right, you can attack her from above until the needle returns to her. But you need to be quick or else you will get hit by this attack.

hollow knight beat hornet
Image Source – PC Indie Master Race.

Hovering Silk AoE Attack

When Hornet inflicts this attack, they will get a higher ground above and unleash some strings of Silk. Now, the tricky part about this attack is that she can inflict it also on the ground. If you get closer to these strings, your health will deplete eventually. So, the best way to dodge this attack will be to stay back from the range.

hollow knight how to beat hornet
Image Source – PC Indie Master Race.

Flying Needle Attack

During this attack, she will fly and pierce a needle down to you. This can be at any level which makes it difficult to dodge. She can either attack you on the ground or fly to pierce the needle down. But as the attack comes in a linear path, you can dodge it by getting out of her way. As she lands the attack, you can attack her from behind to damage her. Once you deplete her enough health, she will be stunned for a while. This will be the best time to inflict damage and defeat her.

hollow knight beat hornet
Image Source – PC Indie Master Race.

Second Boss Fight with Hornet

The only key differences in encountering her for the second time are her increased speed and reduced stunning time. In addition to that, she can also throw spiked balls in your way.

So, make sure to jump and dodge her attacks. Or you can also counterattack with your nail.

Make sure to upgrade your equipment and heal enough during the fight. You need to be patient and analyze her attacks. Once you analyze her attack patterns, it will be easier to dodge them.

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