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Hollow Knight All Bosses In Order & Locations List

Here's our suggested boss list of all Hollow Knight bosses in order to beat the game.

Hollow Knight as a Metroidvania has no suggested linearity or path recommended by the devs to enjoy the game. But if you are looking to just complete a complete run efficiently, then there are lots of pathways suggested by fans from the player community. Today we will be looking at one of such suggested lists, which we here at GamerTweak used to get to one of the endings considered as a ‘good ending’ (5 years). And this list still works as I tried & tested it again for the purpose of this list. So with that said let’s look at our boss list for all Hollow Knight bosses in order.

Hollow Knight Best Order For Bosses & List of Locations

All Hollow Knight Bosses in Boss Order List

We are not trying to do an any% speedrun with any glitches or cheats. So this path will still take time to enjoy most of the game has to offer in a single run. Still, we suggest you explore the rest of the areas in your next run. And to avoid spoilers (if this is your very first playthrough), we are not explaining what you achieve with each boss. Also if you are not exactly sure where to find these bosses, then use this Gamer Tweak article on Hollow Knight Interactive Map to find the exact location of these bosses using filers. With that said, here’s our Hollow Knight boss list with all bosses in order:

  1. Gruz Mother (Forgotten Crossroads)
  2. False Knight (Forgotten Crossroads)
  3. Vengefly King (Greenpath)
  4. Hornet Protector (Greenpath)
  5. Massive Moss Charger (Greenpath)
  6. Mantis Lords (Mantis Village)
  7. Soul Warrior (Soul Sanctum)
  8. Soul Master (Soul Sanctum)
  9. Crystal Guardian (Crystal Peak)
  10. Xero (Resting Ground)
  11. Flukemarm (Royal Waterways)
  12. Dung Defender (Royal Waterways)
  13. Broken Vessel (Ancient Basin)
  14. Nosk (Deepnest)
  15. Gorb (Howling Cliffs)
  16. Hornet Sentinel (Kingdom’s Edge)
  17. Marmu (Queen’s Gardens)
  18. Traitor Lord (Queen’s Gardens)
  19. Uumuu (Teacher’s Archives)
  20. Hollow Knight (Temple of the Black Egg)
  21. Radiance (Temple of the Black Egg)

This list is based on the Zone order suggested by u/DiscordDraconequus in the game’s subreddit back in 2017. But this zone order still holds true and we have based our play order on it. You don’t have to beat all the bosses from each zone. We have selected only those bosses you need to beat to access a specific sub-area or to collect a new power to help you reach the final boss in the best way possible.

That’s all about our boss list for all Hollow Knight bosses in order. While you are here make sure to check out our Video Game Guides for tips & tricks on all the latest popular games tight here at GamerTweak.com.