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Hogwarts Legacy Total Completion Time (Answered)

Here is how long it will take you to complete Hogwarts Legacy.

It’s just a matter of time before all the Muggles out there can experience the life of a Witch/Wizard at Hogwarts. Being a massive AAA release, Hogwarts Legacy will feature tons of quests & sidequests for the sake of better story narration. So, how long will it take a player to beat this game? If this question is buzzing inside your head as well, then this article can ease you. Check out this guide to know the completion time (Main Story + Side Quests) of Hogwarts Legacy

How Long Will it take to Finish Hogwarts Legacy? (Completion Time)

There are plenty of secrets awaiting you both inside and outside the campus of Hogwarts. Apart from this, there will be some puzzles in the game as well. There is no way all of it will be included all together in the main story quests. Luckily, there are side quests for you to explore if you want to unlock some extra dialogues and cutscenes. For those who are looking to follow the main storyline only, then it will take you around 35-45 hours to beat Hogwarts Legacy.

How Long Will it take to Finish Hogwarts Legacy

On the other hand, if you are a completionist looking to explore Hogwarts Legacy completely, then you need to spend around 90-100 hours. Although, I would recommend you complete both the main and side quests. Not only it will unlock Trophies & Achievements, but will also give you useful resources. Several items like Moonstones, Skins/Fur, etc are some of the resources you can get by exploring the game.

Hogwarts Legacy might get lengthy but it is absolutely worth it. Your total time to finish Hogwarts Legacy also depends upon the level of difficulty you are playing in. For your reference, here is a guide explaining everything about the Difficulty levels in Hogwarts Legacy.

So that is pretty much it about the Completion Time for Hogwarts Legacy. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Hogwarts Legacy Wiki for more such content.