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How To Change Difficulty In Hogwarts Legacy (Differences Explained)

These are all the difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy and how you can change them.

The difficulty you choose for playing Hogwarts Legacy will have quite a lot of impact on your experience. There are four difficulties this game offers and with each, the game gets harder. But don’t worry the game is designed in such a way that everyone should be able to enjoy it no matter your skill level. So here is how you can change your game’s Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy, what’s the difference between them, and which is the right one for you.

How to Change Difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy all difficulties explained and which you should choose
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You can change the difficulty in Hogwarts Legacy while creating your character. Or you can also change it from Settings. Both methods are actually quite simple:

  • During character creation: This isn’t exactly changing but rather selecting a difficulty. Once you choose your difficulty here, that is how you will experience the rest of the game. Worry not you can change it later.
    1. Go to the Finalize Your Character tab, once you are done customizing your character.
    2. The third option here will be “Select your Difficulty“. You get four choices here
      • Story
      • Easy
      • Normal
      • Hard
    3. Select the difficulty you want to play on and click on “Start your Journey”.

How to Change Difficulty Mid-Game

You can change your Difficulty under the Gameplay Options in Settings. So if you feel like things are a bit too easy, you can increase it. Or if you feel like you some help in Farming XP fast then you can even lower it down.

Differences Between All Difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy

Here is what each difficulty offers you in this game:

  • Story: This mode is for players who just want to experience the story mode of the game. You shouldn’t find any challenges tough or undoable and should be able to complete the game without fail.
  • Easy: This mode is for players that are more casual or new to gaming. You will still get to fight enemies and solve puzzles. But they won’t hinder you much and you will still be progressing relatively faster.
  • Normal: This mode is for an average player, allowing you both to enjoy the story. But will give you enough difficulties and challenges that you won’t be breezing through the game.
  • Hard: This mode is for players that are looking for a challenge. The gameplay will be the hardest when compared to the previous difficulties. The puzzles will be very challenging and you won’t be cheesing through the enemies.

Which Difficulty should you Play On?

You should play on Story mode if you only want to play the story of Hogwarts Legacy. But if you are someone who loves fights and challenges in your games then based on how tough you want your playthrough to be you should select between the Normal and Hard modes.

That covers this guide on all Difficulties in Hogwarts Legacy, how to change them, and which one should you play on. For more help on other topics for this game, I suggest you check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides.