Hitman Freelancer: How To Earn Merces

Use these methods to earn your way up the Freelancer Mastery and be rich with Merces.

The new Hitman Freelancer mode introduced a new currency in the form of ‘Merces’ but what are they and how to earn them? Well, Merces are used for buying weapons and equipment including Freelancer Tools. If you are just starting out in Freelancer, you won’t have any Merces to buy anything worthwhile so let’s look at some of the ways you can earn Merces fast.

How To Earn Merces In Hitman Freelancer

how to earn merces hitman freelancer

There are multiple different ways to earn Merces throughout your Freelancer campaign. Here are the ways you can earn Merces.

Elimination And Objective Payout

For every mission that you do in Freelancer, there are two types of payouts that you can get from it. Elimination payout is earned by simply doing the main objective of eliminating your target but this does not provide you with a lot of Merces. Objective payout is where you can earn a decent amount of Merces depending on how many of those objectives you can do in a single mission. These objectives are assigned based on the Syndicate Leader you choose to go after so take note of the listed ‘Potential Objectives’ when selecting it. You can even get more Merces by accepting a Prestige Objective but these are meant to be highly challenging and they payout more Merces than the regular objectives.

Opening Safes

Certain levels can have a chance to spawn a Safe. You can see whether the level has one or not while selecting your next destination. More often than not, these safes are placed in a hard-to-get position. To open the safe you will need 3 clues to actually open the safe. These clues are found in the area surrounding the safe. The clues come in the form of items such as laptops, tablets, and documents. These items are also highlighted in yellow when using Instinct mode. Once you have found them, scan all 3 items with your camera and that should unlock the safe. Be careful while opening the safe since it is considered an illegal action.


Just like Safes, there is a chance your level can have a courier or even multiple of them. Couriers are NPCs who carry Merces on them but you do not need to kill them in order to get the Merces. Pacifying them will work and you can just pick up the Merces after it.

Vault In New York

If you ever get New York as one of your destinations then you are in luck because the Bank Vault at the unground level has a whole pile of Merces just waiting for you to grab. However, you will put your mission at risk by attempting to get into the vault so do it cautiously.

These are the methods that can be used to gain Merces in your Freelancer campaign. For more Hitman-related topics, check out our other articles such as Hitman Freelancer Safe Clues: How To Find Them? and Hitman 3 Stick It To The Man Challenge.