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Hitman 3 Runs at 4K/60FPS on PC and Next-Gen Consoles, New Location Revealed

Today IO Interactive unveiled the third location of Hitman 3. This is Chongqing, which attracts attention with its neon-lit streets. As usual, you can find the trailer published for this at the end of the article.

After more than two months there is news about the third part of the Hitman series. This time, the focus is on a new location of Hitman 3 that will take you to the People’s Republic of China. It is the metropolis of Chongqing. In addition to this city, Dubai and the British Dartmoor have already been confirmed as playable levels.

Agent 47 ventures into the rainy, neon-lit streets of a Chinese city center. In the trailer, we see narrow streets in which countless shops and snack bars are lined up. Many secrets await you away from the highly frequented areas.

In Chongqing, the developers want to demonstrate the visual improvements and adjustments to the Hitman series. Thanks to the Glacier engine, lights, reflections, and animations will look better than ever. In addition, this location offers all water effects, such as raindrops running down or Agent 47’s soaked clothes.

In general, the gaming experience should feel more fluid and more responsive. Both the interactions and the AI ​​of computer-controlled characters have been improved. Thanks to the new crowd technology, up to 300 NPCs should be able to perform at the same location.

By the way, all locations of the previous titles can be imported into the game and played again with all the improvements mentioned. This allows you to experience the entire World of Assassination trilogy again in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3 will run on the next-gen consoles in 4K resolution with HDR and 60 frames per second. The title will also be available for PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. Thanks to cloud streaming, the title should also be playable on the Nintendo Switch. The game will celebrate its release on January 20, 2021.

Check the new location in the trailer below.