Hitman 3: All Previous Levels Playable, Game Ends With The Trilogy

In a freshly released video, the developers of IO Interactive gave new details about Hitman 3. Among other things, it was pointed out that we are dealing with the conclusion of the new trilogy, in which all old levels will be playable.

With Hitman 3, IO Interactive ends the experiment with the episodic release, as the developer reveals in a recent interview. It also confirms that Hitman 3 serves as a hub to all previous levels.

In the current video, one goes into the story around Providence, in which Agent 47 influences and changes the events around the world from the background. It is also mentioned again that this time the story and levels will be much darker and denser. The Dubai Level has already been presented, but you can also look forward to some surprises.

In general, you will experience a whole new Hitman level with the possibilities of the PS5 and the Glacier Engine as a drive, with more freedom than ever before to complete your new orders.

If that’s not enough, Hitman 3 also gives you access to all previous locations and story content, because in this case the title again serves as a HUB, so you don’t necessarily have to own the first games. All unlocks and progress are also taken from Hitman 2. The ideal opportunity if you have missed this extremely exciting story so far.

IO Interactive will take over the distribution of Hitman 3 itself this time and will not be represented by a publisher. A path that more and more developers are taking these days.

Recall that Hitman 3 will be released in January 2021 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. You can find more details in the video below.