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End Of The Trilogy: Agent 47 Is Back With Hitman 3 On PS5

He is back.

Apart from the GTA 5 announcement, another surprising reveal during Sony’s Future of Gaming event was that of Hitman 3. Agent 47 is back being his usual ruthless self and going by the tagline of ‘Death Awaits’, it looks like things are going to get very messy.

Take a look at the announcement trailer for Hitman III here:

The newest title, which arrives in January 2021, concludes the World of Assassination trilogy with a bang. It features different locations around the world (including Dubai) where players, as Agent 47, will climb the highest buildings to complete their missions.

The cinematic gameplay trailer gave us a glimpse into the world of Hitman and what is about to unfold in the final installment. Fans can expect to see something truly amazing in the game.

The tagline ‘Death Awaits’ even has us speculating if it’s Agent 47’s death they are talking about? Will he pass the baton to another assassin after his journey is over? Only time will tell.

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