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Hitman 3 Nightcrawler Challenge

Here’s how to complete Nightcrawler Challenge easily by taking picture of Sheikh while he is sleeping.

Hitman 3 being a stealth game, has a challenge for you in its first map to test your patience and stealth skills. Nightcrawler Challenge is the epitome of stealth challenges in the Dubai map. To always keep close proximity to Sheikh and to enter his chambers, you have to acquire a Penthouse Guard Uniform for this mission. Let’s look at how to complete Nightcrawler Challenge in Hitman 3.

How to Complete Nightcrawler Challenge in Hitman 3 Dubai?


To complete Nightcrawler Challenge, you need to click a picture of Sheikh Al-Ghazali sleeping in his penthouse room. Doing this challenge will reward you with +2000 XP for Mission Mastery Level. Here are the easy steps to complete Nightcrawler Challenge:

  • From the Atrium lobby of Burj Al-Ghazali (Sceptre), take the stairs and turn left.
  • Once you reach the Black Gold Bar, sneak in behind the bar to pick up a Guard uniform.
  • You can then sneak into the Level 3 security room to acquire a Penthouse Guard disguise.
  • There will be a guard facing away from Agent 47. Subdue him and hide his body.
  • This is the highest level disguise in the “On Top of the World” map. You can get access to everywhere as equal as Carl Ingram’s Bodyguard privileges.
    Hitman 3 complete Nightcrawler Challenge
  • Look for Sheikh, who will be wearing black cloth with a golden border. Keep following him.
    hitman 3 shiekh omar al ghazali
  • After meeting some officials, and after few drinks, Sheikh will go to his room to take a nap.
  • Get inside the room and take a picture of Sheikh, once he falls asleep.
  • That’s it! You have successfully completed Nightcrawler Challenge in Hitman 3.

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