All Hitman 3 Easter Eggs And Pop Culture References

Think you saw something familiar in Hitman 3? Check out all the Hitman 3 easter eggs and references right here

Hitman 3 features a ton of easter eggs and most of the things are call-outs to other pop culture references that will bewilder your mind as well as give you a lot to think about, Hitman 3 easter eggs are cleverly hidden in plain sight and you will only have to go a bit beyond you path to find them, if you’re looking for them and still can’t find them, check this list out.

All Hitman 3 Easter Eggs

Check out all the Hitman 3 Easter Eggs and pop culture references that the developers at IO Interactive have hidden, make sure to do not miss out on any of them.

Spongebob Squarepants

hitman 3 spongebob

The strangest of them all is a pop culture reference to Spongebob Squarepants, no one would think that a game about a ruthless and emotionless assassin would have a callback to a children’s cartoon but here it is. If you search in the Berlin mission, you will find a dirty bathroom with a tub full of dirty water. Inspecting inside will show you a sponge and a pineapple. Sadly there’s no reference to Patrick Star as it would make things perfect.

Untitled Goose Game – Hitman 3 Easter Egg

untitled goose game hitman 3 reference

If you think assassins can be a pain in the butt, you surely haven’t checked out the wrath of a goose. Luckily, in the same Berlin mission. You will find the logo for the Untitled Goose Game and writing beside in German are the words, “No Trespassing”. Certainly, IO Interactive can see the parallel between Hitman and the Untitled Goose Game as both of them have a lot of manipulation and distraction based themes.

The X Files Easter Egg

hitman 3 easter egg list

Berlin mission in Hitman 3 seems to be designed with as many easter eggs as the developers could hide in the map. 1993’s hit show The X Files has a small callback that helps you as an alternate route of exit. Once you’re done with your objectives, look for graffiti featuring a small alien spacecraft, a phone, and the number 1993 written on it. As you proceed further from this place, you will see a gas station with a telephone booth, pick up the phone and dial in 1993 and you will get an extraterrestrial exit.

Knives Out

hitman 3 dartmoor

If you’ve been a fan of detective films, you can’t help but see the similarities between the Dartmoor mission and the Knives Out film. You even get to play as the detective if you play the cards right and solve a murder mystery. Agent 47 certainly can play a lot of roles and detective work probably comes naturally to him. Check out this brilliant easter egg as it plays throughout the entire mission.

Lord Of The Rings – Hitman 3 Easter Egg

hitman 3 easter eggs

Now middle earth isn’t a place associated with Agent 47 but you can find a small little easter egg that pays homage to the Lord of the Rings in Hitman 3. In the Mendoza mission, just as you reach the entrance you can find a small sign that says, “No Admittance except on party business”. The same sign can be seen right outside Bilbo Baggins’s house during his birthday party. It’d be nice to have a LOTR-themed mission, but that would be asking for too much in a stealth game.

While this list is a long way from being complete, we’ll keep on adding more things to it in the meanwhile, make sure to check out Hitman 3 guides right here on Gamer Tweak if you find yourself stuck in any mission.

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