Grimlight: Best Heroes Tier List & Reroll Guide (October 2023)

Here is a Tier List & a Reroll guide on the Heroes in Grimlight.

Grimlight: The world of Phantasia, is a fantasy RPG that utilizes an Anime-Style of artwork. It is created by Eight Studio. The game has a wide variety of characters, each equipped with a unique set of abilities. In this guide, I will show you the best Heroes Tier List & Reroll guide in Grimlight.

Grimlight Tier List

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Tier Heroes Star Rarity
S Tier Cinderella 5 Stars
S Tier Dracula 5 Stars
S Tier Queen of Hearts 5 Stars
S Tier Winter Queen 5 Stars
S Tier Dorothy 5 Stars
A Tier Alice 5 Stars
A Tier Hook 5 Stars
A Tier Little Mermaid 4 Stars
A Tier March Hare 4 Stars
A Tier Red Knight 4 Stars
A Tier Snow White 5 Stars
A Tier Tanamo No Mai 5 Stars
A Tier White Knight 4 Stars
A Tier White Rabbit 4 Stars
B Tier Big Bad Wolf 3 Stars
B Tier Caterpillar 4 Stars
B Tier Cheshire Cat 4 Stars
B Tier Esme 4 Stars
B Tier Geppetto 4 Stars
B Tier Ginger 4 Stars
B Tier Goldilocks 4 Stars
B Tier Kaguya 5 Stars
B Tier Odile 4 Stars
B Tier Otohime 3 Stars
B Tier Puss in Boots 4 Stars
B Tier Tin Knight 3 Stars
C Tier Bathory 4 Stars
C Tier Little Match Girl 4 Stars
C Tier Odette 4 Stars
C Tier Rapunzel 4 Stars
C Tier Red 4 Stars
C Tier Robin 4 Stars
C Tier Saffi 4 Stars
C Tier The Huntsman 3 Stars
D Tier Belle 3 Stars
D Tier Cowardly Lion 3 Stars
D Tier Gretel 3 Stars
D Tier Hansel 3 Stars
D Tier Mad Hatter 4 Stars
D Tier Scarecrow 3 Stars
D Tier Vita 4 Stars
D Tier The Beast 4 Stars

As shown in the Tier List, the Characters or Heroes in the S Tier are the best ones you can get in Grimlight. They are a must-pick for any team. The A Tier also consists of good Heroes but not as good as S Tier. B Tier has average Heroes, they can work in Team but may require to strategize around them. C & D Tiers have the worst Heroes in the game. They are best not used or will work in very specific teams.

How to Reroll in Grimlight

At the start of the game, You are given 10 Free tries to Roll for the Heroes in Grimlight. If you didn’t get the Hero you wanted, you can just Reroll. Although in Grimlight, Rerolling is not easy. Grimlight does not support Guest Accounts which means you will have to connect your Gmail or other social media account. If you want to Reroll, you will have to Delete that account and wait for 24 hours. After 24 Hours, you can create a new account with the same email and get the 10 Free Rolls.

An alternative to this, & a faster method, is to log in with multiple accounts one after the other. Grimlight has made sure to mitigate the issue of people exploiting the Reroll ability in games like it. Your IDs are unique so creating a new account with the same credentials is impossible. But if you want to Reroll then this is the only way.

This was all about the Heroes Tier List & Reroll Guide in Grimlight. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Failed To Reach Login Server Error Fix in Grimlight.