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Should You Side With He Who Was Or Madeline In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Wondering if to forgive or punish Madeline? Check out this guide to know whether to help He Who Was in Baldur's Gate 3.

While traveling across the Shadow Cursed Lands and into Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, players will come across some familiar faces as well as some new ones which include the devilish He Who Was. You will come across the Drow east of the last light inn in the shadow-cursed lands performing what seems to be a spell on a dead woman. And although He Who Was will convince you that the woman named Madeline, is guilty of evil crimes, the Drow will need some proof. You will have to then get him the Ledger he needs in BG3.

However, after reading the ledger you will quickly realize that Madeline is not really at fault for the crimes and she never meant to hurt anyone. So now with you being the judge and Madeline summoned in He Who Was’ body, you will have to either side with the drow and punish her for the crimes or forgive her. If you are confused about all the consequences and which route to take in Baldur’s Gate 3, then check out this guide to know more.

Should You Help He Who Was or Madeline in Baldur’s Gate 3?

should help he who was in baldur's gate 3

We would recommend helping He Who Was getting the ledger back to him in Baldur’s Gate 3. This will help you get the Raven Gloves as a reward in the game. However, once you hand over the ledger, it would be easier to make correct decisions if you already knew all the outcomes. Here are all the options and their consequence to choose from either side with He Who Was or Madeline:

Tell Madeline to Stab Herself

Once you select the first option you will need to first pass a Charisma Check of difficulty class 14. After passing the check, players can tell Madeline to stab herself and not stop until you say so. You can then proceed to force her further into stabbing herself or you can tell her to stop. If you continue to force her, He Who Was would not be happy with your decision given that she is in his body and you practically stabbed him. This will lead to a fight with the Drow and defeating him will help you with rewards like Divine Bone Shard and a note. However, if you choose to stop her, the Drow will then give you Raven Gloves as a reward.

Call Madeline Coward

After passing the Charisma check, players will be able to call Madeline a coward which will break her thoroughly. This is one of the easiest options you will find but it can be considered a good choice morally. After calling her a coward, He Who Was will be happy with your decision and will hand over to you the Raven Gloves as well as some Gold in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Forgive Madeline

If you choose to forgive Madeline for her crimes, after passing the check her grief will soon begin to fade. While He Who Was would not be happy with your decision to just let her go with all her sins. This will lead you to fight with him which would result in the rewards like Bone Shard and note.

With all the options in mind, we would recommend you choose to side with He Who Was in Baldur’s Gate 3. To do so you can either choose the Stab option and let her stab herself and then stop her in between. Or for easier progression, you can call Madeline a coward as it won’t matter if you pass the check or not, He Who Was will be happy with your decision. These options will yield you the Raven Gloves as well as Gold in the game.

Where is Madeline’s Ledger in BG3

Players will come across Madeline’s Ledger mentioned by He Who Was inside The Waning Moon Inn in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will come across the Inn west of Moonrise Tower waypoint in the game. However, it is worth mentioning that you will also come across Thisobald Thorm at the Inn.

That’s everything covered on whether should you side with He Who Was or Madeline in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you find this guide useful, check out our dedicated Choices and Consequences Guide for Baldur’s Gate 3, right here on Gamer Tweak.