Best Locations To Find Hell’s Clarion In V Rising

Here is your guide on the best locations of Hell's Clarion in V Rising.

There are some really important resources in V Rising. While some come in plenty, others are tougher to gather. With few hunting grounds available, this guide will show you the best location of Hell’s Clarion in V Rising and how to buy its spores.

How to Find Hell’s Clarion Locations in V Rising

Hell's Clarion location V Rising
Image Credits: Rodwenn YouTube

As mentioned above, Hell’s Clarion is hard to come by. And so, there are very few locations of the same where it is available. Use the map here to find this resource with ease. While you will find most of the same in the Farbane Woods, you will also find a good amount in the Dunley Farmlands easily.

Here are all of the best locations where Hell’s Clarion spawns in the mythical game of V Rising.

Hell's Clarion Location
Map credit: Map Genie
  • Bear Cave
  • Bandit Copper Mine
  • Haunted Iron Mine

Once there, look for the red-colored plants that have spores coming out. When you see them, just break them to get the precious Hell’s Clarion.

Each of these red plants contains about ten Hell’s Clarion in them. You will be able to collect around sixty from each location at a time.

These plants mostly grow in caves. You will also find a boss in the Bear Cave as well as in the Bandit Copper Mine. If you don’t want to face these V Bloods just yet but they spot you, you can always lead them out of their caves and they will reset.

How to Buy Hell’s Clarion Spores

Given how rare these plants are, it is a given that this is one that you will want to farm. And so, if you are looking for these seeds, you should simply meet Gavyn the Shady Dealer, and buy the spores for 15 Silver coins.

This was your guide on the best location to gather Hell’s Clarion in V Rising. If you liked this guide then check out this guide on what happens when you die as a vampire in the game.