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Pokemon BDSP: How To Get & Use Heart Scale

Here is how you can farm and use Heart Scale in Pokemon BDSP.

Heart Scale is an important item in Pokemon BDSP if you want your Pokemon to relearn a move. While evolving there is a good chance you accidentally delete a move that you didn’t want to. And that is where the Heart Scale comes in. Giving this item to the Move Relearner allows you to undo that mistake. So in this guide let us check how to get & use Heart Scale in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

How to Get Heart Scale in Pokemon BDSP


how to get & use heart scale in pokemon bdsp
Image Credit: AggronHD on YouTube

There are two main ways to get Heart Scale in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

  • Getting from Luvdisc
  • Digging from Grand Underground


Luvdisc has a 50% chance to hold a Heart Scale when you encounter it in the wild. Thus when you catch two of them you are guaranteed to get at least 1 heart scale. Things get better if you teach your Pokemon moves like Covet or Thief. Covet is a normal type move that steals the target’s held item. While Thief is a Dark-type move that attacks and steals the target’s held item. Both of them are excellent ways to get Heart Scales from a Luvdisc without catching one.

Alternatively, you can also dig the Grand Underground to get Heart Scales in this game. The chances of you getting it by digging are very low when you compare it to getting one from a Luvdisc. But it is a method that you can use nonetheless.

How to Farm Heart Scale


The best way to farm Heart Scale is by stealing them from Luvdisc or catching them.

  1. Go to Route 224 and use a Super Rod.
  2. This will help you encounter Luvdisc.
  3. Then use a Pokemon that knows the moves Thief or Covet. Make sure the Pokemon using those moves isn’t already holding a Heart scale or any other item. As they won’t be able to steal if they already have a held item.

How to Use Heart Scale in Pokemon BDSP


As mentioned previously, you can use a Heart Scale in this game to relearn moves for a Pokemon.

  1. Go to Pastoria city and to the house northeast of Pokemart.
  2. Here, outside the house, you will see an NPC near the waterfront. He is the Move Relearner.
  3. Giving the Move Relearner a heart scale will allow him to make your Pokemon relearn a move.

The best part is after you give him 10 Heart Scales he will help your Pokemon relearn moves for free.

That covers this guide on how to get & use Heart Scale in Pokemon BDSP (Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl). If you are playing this game then you might find our guides useful on how to trade and how to beat Cynthia.