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What Is Heardle & How To Play? (Musical Wordle Spinoff)

Here's another Wordle spinoff game - Heardle - but it's especially for music lovers.

Wordle’s popularity is still going strong and even after the transfer to New York Times’ website, players are able to access the game for free (at the time of writing). As we know, many clones and spinoffs of Wordle have appeared online – including the Geography-based Worldle and Globle. But what is Heardle and how to play this musical Wordle? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Heardle? (Musical Wordle Spinoff)

  • Heardle is a music/song guessing game where you have to listen to the first few seconds of the song of the day carefully and guess it.
  • You only get to hear the intro and then it’s your objective to find the correct artist and the title. Don’t worry, you get suggestions for the song and artist as you type it in the text field, so you won’t have to worry about typos.
  • If you can’t guess the answer in the first second, you can click on the SKIP button to hear more of the intro, but note that it’s counted as an attempt.
  • The goal is to answer in the fewest number of tries and then, you can share your results on Twitter.
  • Type your guess in the area given below and click on SUBMIT.

how to play heardle song

Heardle Track Unavailable in your Location Fix

If you are getting the error message which says “Oh no! Seems like today’s track is unavailable on SoundCloud in your location” don’t worry. Use a VPN, switch the location to US or UK and load up the website with it active. The song should load for you now.

This is the game that will test your song-guessing skills. You might have seen this format on the Name That Song Challenge on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. It’s similar to that, so bring out all your friends and play Heardle right away!

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