Haze Piece Devil Fruits Tier List (February 2024)

In this Haze Piece Fruits tier list, we have ranked all Devil Fruits from best to worst.

Not sure which Devil Fruits are best? Here is a Haze Piece Fruit tier list you can use. Devil Fruits as we know are one of the most important elements for growth. They affect your speed and stamina, let you walk on water, fly in the air, summon a snowstorm, and so much more. All Fruits have different growth skills. Some make traveling convenient, while others have targeted or AOE-destructible attacks. If you are new and have collected 50 gems or $125K Cash, you can try your luck in Starter Island Fruit Shop.

Haze Piece Fruits Tier List (February 2024)

Haze Piece Devil Fruits Tier List

At the time of writing, there are more than twenty Devil Fruits in Haze Piece. The Fruits are divided into rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical. This tier list is made by comparing their rarity and usefulness. So some fruits even after being in the Uncommon and Rare might not rank as high as others of the same class. But all Haze Piece Fruits ranked here are worth their tier, so consume the fruit that ranks higher.

S+ Tier

  • Phoenix – Legendary
  • Darkness – Legendary
  • Magma – Legendary

S Tier

  • Tremor – Rare
  • Gravity – Rare
  • Flame – Rare
  • Ice – Rare

A Tier

  • Electricity – Rare
  • Gum – Rare
  • Gas – Rare
  • Light – Rare
  • Snow – Uncommon

B Tier

  • Operation – Rare
  • Mammoth – Uncommon
  • Paw – Uncommon
  • Barrier – Common
  • Smoke – Uncommon
  • Sand – Uncommon
  • String – Uncommon

C Tier

  • Buddha – Uncommon
  • Chop – Common
  • Bomb – Common
  • Spike – Common

D Tier

  • Spin – Common
  • Clear – Common

More About Devil Fruits of Haze Piece

All Fruit Skills have a cooldown, except fly and one that we use with E key. Z key skill has 6 Seconds, X has 7 seconds, C has 8 seconds, V has 9 seconds, and B has a 10-second cooldown. So plan your attacks before attacking or the enemy will get the upper hand. There are several ways to get Fruits in the Haze Piece, but one of the luckiest ones is grabbing it from the tree. Every hour Fruit spawns on a tree anywhere in the map. It will take 20 minutes to Despawn. So if you have flying skills, check as many places as possible to get free Devil Fruit.

Hopefully, this Haze Piece Fruits tier list helped you find the best Fruits and skills. Finding Devil Fruit on such a vast map can be difficult, so you can collect Gems and buy them from Fruit Dealer. You can use Fruit Spin with both Cash and Gems, so use these Haze Piece codes and get them.