Haze Piece: How To Get Gems Fast

Here are all the ways to get Gems in Roblox Haze Piece.

Don’t know how to get Gems in Haze Piece? Here are all the fastest ways to get them in the game. Haze Piece is an engaging adventure where you explore a vast map. There are so many different kinds of Devil Fruits, Weapons, Skills, Races, and Accessories, that the journey will be long. No matter if you become a Marine or a Pirate, you will be unlocking and using powers of greater and greater difficulty. And keeping both the primary currency, Gems and Money would be beneficial as you advance. Fruit spins are costly, no matter if you do it with Gems or Money. But if you follow these methods, you will collect Gems easily, so read along.

Best Ways to Get Gems in Haze Piece

Get Gems in Haze Piece

Playtime Rewards

Playtime rewards are exactly what they sound like. They are rewards for staying active for a certain amount of time. You get gift boxes containing anything from a Legendary Fruit to Gems and from Weapon to Cash. If you are a beginner, you can keep doing Poppy Kim quests apart from level quests. As a beginner, it is one of the easiest and fastest quests for earning EXP and Money.

Daily Rewards

They reset after 24 hours and give various kinds of rewards. These Haze Piece rewards include EXP, Devil Fruit, Gems, Cash, and Race Spins. Claiming them should be the first thing you do after logging.

Gem Quests

Task For Gems in Haze Piece

Though not always, you sometimes get Gems for Quests that don’t mention Gems in rewards. Such as Poppy Kim and Joanna’s quests from Starter Island.

Super Bosses

In Haze Piece, Super Bosses can drop Swords, Gems, and Fruits. And you can get them as rewards too. But Super Bosses are tough, you must be at a high level to deal with them. Complete different NPC quests and collect Weapons and Skills to beat those bosses.

Other Ways to Get Gems in Haze Piece

AFK Gems Haze Piece

You get Gems, Money, EXP, and more with AFK. But it is slow, you can do that while you are busy with something else on your PC. It will keep working, and you will get a few Gems. You can also get Gems by redeeming these Haze Piece codes. And if you are in a hurry, you can also purchase them with Robux.

That’s all on how to get Gems in Haze Piece. If you are a fan of One Piece, you should check our other Roblox guides, we have covered many games inspired by it. Afterward, check our code list to find the codes of those games.