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Halo Infinite’s Slipspace Engine developed with PC Gamers in Mind

Many PC users all over the world have always wanted to be a part of the Halo Universe but haven’t been able to since the release of Halo, the sequels to those games did not have a PC version which disappointed many but that’s about to change as recently, 343 Industries announced that the Slipspace Engine, the engine powering Halo Infinite, was developed with PC in mind. If this comes to, the franchise will be able to take full processing power of higher-end PC’s to deliver an unmatched visual experience.

The developers also announced that PC will be “treated as a first-class citizen“, which shows that they intend to not hold back and make it all count but they are still facing some technical challenges with the PC version and as such Halo PC flight programs may come later than the other flights. Still, the team confirmed that AntiCheat for the PC will also be present.

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343 Industries though did not reveal much further than this but if we can use Gears 4 as a benchmark for PC gaming then it is almost certain that the PC version of Halo Infinite will have no issues.

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