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Halo Infinite Controls Guide – Keyboard Shortcuts & Keybindings

Here is how to change Halo Infinite keyboard controllers, how to modify keybindings and shortcuts.

In this Halo Infinite controls guide you can learn everything about the game controls on PC and on a Console platform. This will help you to remember important settings in terms of game sensitivity, shortcuts, and more. Halo Infinite also has an aim assist feature for consoles and PC platforms. You can use this if you are not good enough with aiming. Also modifying the controller sensitivity will also have an impact on the overall gameplay. By finding the right set of controls settings you can easily adjust yourself on the online multiplayer matches.

Halo Infinite PC Controls:


Halo Infinite PC Controls Settings

There is more room to customize the game controls on PC platforms. You can set shortcuts and adjust the keybindings as per your need. If you are having a gaming mouse then you can also have additional options by programming the macro keys.

  1. Movement: WASD
  2. Lock Target or Aim: Mouse
  3. Sprint: Shift
  4. Crouch or Slide: Ctrl
  5. Jump: Space
  6. Mark Target: X
  7. Shoot: Left Mouse Click
  8. Zoom: Right Mouse Click
  9. Zoom In/Out: Mouse Wheel
  10. Pick Item from Equipment Slots – Num 1 to Num 4
  11. Use Item/Equipment: Q
  12. Melee Attack: F
  13. Throw Explosive/Grenade: G or C
  14. Change Grenade: N
  15. Revert to Previous Grenade: B
  16. Reload Weapon/Vent: R
  17. Change Weapon: Press V or use Mouse Scroll Wheel
  18. Scan Area: I
  19. Interact with Object: E

Halo Infinite PC Vehicle Controls:

  1. Boost or Brake: Shift
  2. Ascend or Brake: Space
  3. Descend or Brake: Ctrl

There are some more optimizations that will help you to play better. Like turn off Hold to Crouch and Mouse Magnetism settings. Turn on Hold to Zoom, Hold to Sprint, Maintain Sprint, Auto Climber and Step Jump.


Halo Infinite Xbox Controls:

Below are Xbox controls for playing Halo Infinite. It is recommended to stick with default settings to avoid any confusion. As there are already limited keys and no programmable key options available, practice with the default ones.

  1. Scoreboard: View Button
  2. Game Menu: Start Button
  3. Movement: Left Stick
  4. Lock Target or Aim: Right Stick
  5. Sprint: Press Left Stick
  6. Melee Attack: Press Right Stick
  7. Jump: A
  8. Crouch or Slide: B
  9. Reload Weapon/Vent/Interact: X
  10. Change/Drop Weapon: Y
  11. Throw Explosive/Grenade: LB
  12. Use Item/Equipment: RB
  13. Zoom: LT
  14. Shoot: RT
  15. Mark Target/Helmet Light: D-Pad Up
  16. Scan Area: D-Pad Down
  17. Change Grenade: D-Pad Left
  18. Change Equipment: D-Pad Right

Best Controller Sensitivity Settings for Halo Infinite:

  1. Look Acceleration: 4
  2. Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 6
  3. Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 6
  4. Maximum Input Threshold (Move): 10
  5. Maximum Input Threshold (Look): 10
  6. Axial Deadzone (Move): 6
  7. Axial Deadzone (Look): 3
  8. Center Deadzone (Move): 7
  9. Center Deadzone (Look): 6

The above controller sensitivity is good enough to get your grip on your character. You can experiment with low and high to figure which gameplay is best suited to your style. But the above are the most optimized one for Halo Infinite. This concludes our Halo Infinite control guides for PC and Console. We also have a dedicated guide on getting more FPS on Halo Infinite on PC.  Do read this guide once for pc optimization settings.