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Best Settings Guide For Halo Infinite On PC For High FPS And Performance

Is your system a little old or do you have the latest build? No matter what PC you use, these are the best settings that will bring the most out of your game.

Halo Infinite multiplayer is out and free to play. So while you can play this game with your friends it is important to make the most of your graphics with the best settings. Having correct settings is important for any game as that allows you to enjoy the game without cutting much on quality. So in this guide let us take a look at the best PC settings for Halo Infinite.


Halo Infinite Best PC Settings

halo infinite best settings guide

Before you start changing these settings it is important to know the minimum requirements of this game. You can check our guide for the Halo infinite system requirements. Also below I have broken down the settings into low-end and high-end settings.


Low-end settings are based on the minimum requirements of the game. And similarly, high-end settings are based on the recommended requirements of the game. There are three sections of settings that you should change. So without further ado let’s take a look at Halo Infinite Best PC Settings.

  • Display
  • Graphics
  • Sensory

Display Settings

Display Low-End Systems High-End Systems
Field of View 90-100 100-120
Display Adapter Select your graphics card Select your graphics card
Display Monitor Select your gaming monitor Select your gaming monitor
Borderless Fullscreen On On
Window Size Borderless Fullscreen Borderless Fullscreen
Resolution Scale 100% 100%
Minimum Frame Rate Disabled Off
Maximum Frame Rate Set as per your monitor’s refresh rate Set as per your monitor’s refresh rate
VSync Off Off
Limit Inactive Frame Limit Off Off

Graphics Settings

Graphics Low-End Systems High-End Systems
Quality Preset Custom Custom
Anti-Aliasing Low Low
Texture Filtering Low Medium
Ambient Occlusion Low Medium
Texture Quality Medium High
Geometry Quality Low Medium
Reflections Off Medium
Depth of Field Low Medium
Shadow Quality Low Medium
Lighting Quality Low Medium
Volumetric Fog Quality Low Low
Cloud Quality Low Low
Dynamic Wind Off Off
Ground Cover Quality Low Medium
Effects Quality Low Medium
Decal Quality Low Low
Animation Quality Auto Auto
Terrain Quality Medium High
Simulation Quality Low Medium
Flocking Quality Off Off
ASync Compute Off Off
Shader Quality Low Medium

Sensory Settings

Sensory Low-End Systems High-End Systems
Blur 0% 0%
Screen Shake 0% 0%
Exposure 30% 30%
Full Screen Effects 0% 0%
Speed Lines Off Off
Sharpening 50% 50%

If your system lies somewhere between the minimum and recommended specs then be sure to experiment around with these settings.


That sums up this guide on the Halo Infinite best settings for PC. If you changed the settings and are planning to play then check our other guides on how to fix dedicated server error and all vehicles list for halo infinite.