All Halloween Update Pets In Adopt Me (2021)

Find all the newest pets in the Adopt Me Halloween update.

With Halloween fast approaching, Adopt Me is set to come up with an update that will include festival-themed pets, along with other events and rewards. If you have been wondering what pets are going to be coming to this Roblox experience soon, we’ve got just the answer for you. In this article, we will show you the entire list of all of the new pets coming to the game this spooky season.

Adopt Me Halloween Update Pets List 2021


  • Ghost Dragon Pet
  • Evil Dragon
  • Evil Dog
  • White Mummy Cat
  • Black Mummy Cat
  • Blue Mummy Cat
  • Evil Dachshund
  • Skele Dog
  • Scorpion
  • Evil Chick

These are all of the new pets that will be making their way into the Halloween update of Roblox Adopt Me. As we mentioned earlier, this update is going to have a lot more than pets in it. You can expect some really fun rewards and prizes, as well as decorations and Halloween items. These pets are special editions for the game, so do not miss the chance to get them.

Apart from these things, you will also have the opportunity to use candy currency, along with a few exciting mini-games. With the help of these games, you will be able to earn candy currency. This will help you get the pets you want. Do your best to take part in each and every game possible, as this can help you collect even more pets from this Adopt Me Halloween update.

All of these items and decorations will be exclusive to Halloween. This means if you miss them, you will not be able to get them again once the event has ended. Because of this, we recommend you make sure to not miss this event and all of the items and decorations that will be a part of it.

Now that you know all of the pets coming on Halloween, check out our guide on how to get the Frost Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me.