Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Badge Order (Gym Progression Explained)

Here is the gym progression order to get badges in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is open-world, there is no level-scaling so many players are looking for a badge order. This is required to challenge the gyms in a right manner so that your Pokemon level is on the same page as theirs. And following this path you should even enjoy the story better. So in this guide check out the best Gym progression order to get badges in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Best Badge Order for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

pokemon scarlet violet best gym progression order for badges

In the below order, I not only recommend you the gym order but also the order in which you should challenge Team Star and the Titan Pokemon.

  • Cortondo Badge – Bug
    • Gym Leader: Katy
    • Pokemon Level: 14-15
  • Stony Cliff Titan – Rock
    • Titan Pokemon: Klawf, level 16
  • Artazon Badge – Grass
    • Gym Leader: Brassius
    • Pokemon Level: 16-17
  • Open Sky Titan – Flying
    • Titan Pokemon: Bombardier, level 19
  • Team Star Dark Crew
    • Leader: Giacomo, uses level 20-21 Pokemon.
  • Levincia Badge – Electric
    • Gym Leader: Iono
    • Pokemon Level: 23-24
  • Team Star Fire Crew
    • Leader: Mela, uses level 26-27 Pokemon.
  • Lurking Steel Titan – Steel
    • Titan Pokemon: Orthworm, level 28
  • Cascarrafa Badge – Water
    • Gym Leader: Kofu
    • Pokemon Level: 29-30
  • Team Star Poison Crew
    • Leader: Atticus, uses level 32-33 Pokemon.
  • Medali Badge – Normal
    • Gym Leader: Larry
    • Pokemon Level: 35-36
  • Montenevera Badge – Ghost
    • Gym Leader: Ryme
    • Pokemon Level: 41-42
  • Quaking Earth Titan – Ground
    • Titan Pokemon: Great Tusk (Scarlet)/Iron Treads (Violet), level 44
  • Alfornada Badge – Psychic
    • Gym Leader: Tulip
    • Pokemon Level: 44-45
  • Glaseado Badge – Ice
    • Gym Leader: Grusha
    • Pokemon Level: 47-48
  • Team Star Fairy Crew
    • Leader: Ortega, uses level 50-51 Pokemon.
  • False Dragon Titan – Dragon
    • Titan Pokemon: Tatsugiri/Donodozo, level 55
  • Team Star Fighting Crew
    • Leader: Eri, uses level 55-56 Pokemon.

Following the above order, your Pokemon will also level up timely. And the battles shouldn’t feel too easy or hard as your Pokemon shouldn’t be over-leveled or under-leveled.

That covers this guide on the best gym progression order to get badges in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Since you will be following the above path also check our guide on the best EV training spots to better EV train your Pokemon. In case you battled the wrong Pokemon you can also reset your EVs. And for more help on this game check out our Pokemon SV section.