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Pokemon Scarlet Violet EV Training Explained (Complete Guide)

Here is how EV Training works in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

For players looking to play Scarlet & Violet competitively, you should start EV training your Pokemon. EV training or Effort Value training is a method to get Effort points from defeating other Pokemon in battles. Hence, each time your Pokemon gets 4 effort points they get 1 point for their stat. But this is just the basics, there is a lot more in EV training than meets the eye. So in this guide, find out how to EV train your Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet and learn how to check EVs.


How EV Training Works in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

how to ev train pokemon in scarlet violet and check evs

The goal of EV Training is to increase certain stats of your Pokemon more through training. Each time you level up, your stats increase. But when you do EV training you make your Pokemon battle other specific Pokemon to get Effort points for particular stats, which helps you to increase those stats by a few extra points.

For example, if your starter is Fuecoco, it will evolve into Skeledirge which has very strong HP, Defense, and Special Attack. So if you EV train a Fuecoco you will want to fight Pokemon that give you Effort Value Points for these stats over the others. Hence, to EV Train a Fuecoco you should make it battle and defeat Haunter to get 2 points in Sp. Attack while EV Training. This was just to EV train it for Sp. Attack. You can make it fight other Pokemon to get EV points for its HP and Defense as well.


The above was just one example, depending on your team you will have to find Pokemon that give you Effort Points for the stats you need and defeat them.

How to EV Train your Pokemon

As mentioned above, You need to make your Pokemon battle certain Pokemon that will give you EV points in those specific stats to help increase them. You could train to maximize the stats that are already good to make your Pokemon even stronger in that area. Or you could train other weaker stats to balance out your Pokemon.


To further improve your EV training you can even make your Pokemon hold Power Items. These reduce the Speed of your Pokemon by half during the battle but help in increasing their EV points. Here are all the items that help you boost your EVs. Power Items cost 10,000 Pokedollars each.

  • Macho Brace: Gives 2x EVs of the wild Pokemon you defeat.
  • Power Weight: +8 HP EVs
  • Power Bracer: +8 Attack EVs
  • Power Belt: +8 Defense EVs
  • Power Lens: +8 Special Attack EVs
  • Power Band: +8 Special Defense EVs
  • Power Anklet: +8 Speed EVs

Finally, you can also buy Vitamins for 10,000 Pokedollars each to instantly increase the EV points of a stat by 10. Here are all the Vitamins that you can buy:

  • HP Up: +10 HP EVs
  • Protein: +10 Attack EVs
  • Iron: +10 Defense EVs
  • Calcium: +10 Special Attack EVs
  • Zinc: +10 Special Defense EVs
  • Carbos: +10 Speed EVs

How to Check EVs in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

There is no direct way to check your EVs in this game. The closest thing that will give you an idea about your EVs is the Yellow stat chart when checking the summary of your Pokemon.

  1. Press X to open the Menu
  2. Select your Pokemon on the left and choose Check Summary.
  3. Press right on your D-pad to check its Moves and Stats.
  4. Press L here to “Change Graph”.

This will show you a graph of all your Stats and how much they are EV trained. Once you max out a stat through EV Training it will have yellow sparkles around them.

That covers this guide on how to EV train in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and how to check EVs. Since you like playing this game be sure to check our other guides on how to get Dusk Stone, get Amulet coin, and get TM 57 False Swipe. And for other similar topics don’t forget to check our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet section.