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Pokemon Scarlet Violet False Swipe: How To Get TM 57

Here is how you can get the TM 57 in Pokemon Scarlet Violet.

You can easily get the TM 57 False Swipe in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This is a very useful move for catching Pokemon or if you plan on shiny hunting. Using it makes sure your target Pokemon is at least left with 1 HP when attacked. This ensures that the Pokemon won’t faint, and the low HP makes it easy for you to catch it. So in this guide check out how to get the False Swipe TM in Pokemon Scarlet Violet.


How to Get False Swipe TM 57 in Pokemon Scarlet Violet

how to get false swipe tm in pokemon scarlet violet
Image Credit: Gamer Guru on YouTube

You can get the TM 57 False Swipe from Professor Jacq after registering 30 Pokemon. He will then give you 3x TM 57 for it. Alternatively, if you already did this and used up all of them, you can craft more TM 57 using the TM machine. Do remember this method only works after you have had the TM the first time. You cannot use the TM machine to craft TMs you haven’t unlocked.

Getting it from Professor Jacq

  1. Catch 30 Pokemon to register them in your Pokedex.
  2. Go to the Academy in Mesagoza city.
  3. Walk up to the desk after entering and interact with the computer.
  4. Select Biology Lab from the list here.
  5. Talk to the Professor Jacq and he will give you a task to register 30 Pokemon in your app. You can catch them beforehand or talk to him and then start catching. The order won’t affect.
  6. After registering 30 Pokemon, talk to him again.
  7. Once you show him your Pokedex he will give you 3x TM 57.

Using the TM Machine

  1. Walk up to the Technical Machine (TM) machine.
  2. Interact with it and choose “I want a TM made”.
  3. Scroll down until you can see TM 57.
  4. The resources you need for it are:
    • League Points: 400 LP
    • Kricketot Shell: 3
    • Chewtle Claw: 3
  5. Use these resources and you will craft yourself the TM 57 False Swipe.

That covers this guide on how to get False Swipe TM 57 in Pokemon Scarlet Violet. I suggest you also check our Pokemon Scarlet Violet guides to get help on other topics of this game.