How To Find Gurranq And Complete His Quest In Elden Ring

Here's a detailed guide on where to find Gurranq and how to complete his quest in Elden Ring.

Gurranq the Beast Clergyman in Elden Ring is an essential NPC and players are looking for ways to find him and complete his quest. In this game, you will meet many creatures and monsters. While most of them will try to kill you, some will send you on quests for rewards. If you are a veteran Elden Ring player, then you must know the importance of good rewards. They will help you survive longer in this game and this NPC gives you nine in total.

Where is Gurranq in Elden Ring

Gurranq location on Map

To reach this NPC, you’ll have to take on D’s quest and visit Summonwater Village. There, you will meet a field boss called Tibia Mariner. After defeating it, return to D at the Roundtable Hold and he will give you directions to the Bestial Sanctum.

In Elden Ring, Gurranq the Beast Clergyman is located in the Bestial Sanctum. This area is in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, which is north of Caelid. To reach there, you can use a gateway northeast to the Third Church of Marika in East Limgrave. Using this route, you will bypass a boss called the Black Blade Kindred. Alternatively, you can also reach there by heading up the hills east of Caelum Ruins. From there, you can jump down the chasm with a Torrent.

Completing Gurranq’s Quest

Once you interact with Gurranq in Elden Ring, he will ask you to feed him with Deathroots. This is a key item you can find using our Deathroot Locations guide. After feeding him 4 Deathroots, Gurranq will turn hostile and start attacking you. To stop him from attacking, you’ll have to drop its HP to a certain level and continue feeding him. The best way to do this is by using the Poisonbone Darts and waiting outside the Sanctum. Then you can enter and feed him another Deathroot. For every Deathroot, he will give you the following rewards.

Deathroot Rewards Type
First Clawmark Seal and Beast Eye Sacred Seal
Second Bestial Sling Incantation
Third Bestial Vitality Incantation
Fourth Ash of War: Beast’s Roar Ashes of War
Fifth Beast Claw Incantation
Sixth Stone of Gurranq Incantation
Seventh Beastclaw Greathammer Warhammer
Eighth Gurranq’s Beast Claw Incantation
Ninth Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone Equipment Upgrade

That’s everything about where is Gurranq and how to complete his quest in Elden Ring. For more helpful guides like All NPC Locations, make sure you check out our Elden Ring section.