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Guillard Map’s Easter Egg That You Probably Missed In Overwatch

You probably never noticed it, but he did

Probably an unnecessary discovery, yet worth looking into, an eagle-eyed Overwatch player has uncovered the latest easter egg on the Guillard map of the game. A player named DeSensedTTV chanced upon an unusual technique to ring the bell across the Lake Chateau, which at first would appear to be just a background element in the game.

The Guillard Map’s Easter Egg


This is probably an insignificant find which will not influence your gameplay at all, but still can be used to your advantage in an unusual way. You can signal your friends and confuse your enemies by ringing this bell, where most other players will have no clue how and where it came from.

Guns including McCree, Ashe, and a scooped-in Widowmaker can easily take this distant shot across the lake, but it would be wise to study the movement of your enemies first. Spanning more than a mile away, the bell is situated on a bell-tower, and finding aim to ring it will take up a lot of your time. So make sure to keep your friends close, and enemies far or dead before you try out this stunt.

You can ring the bell across the lake at Chateau from Overwatch


Game and Movie references in Overwatch

There are a ton of other references and easter eggs that you have probably missed in Overwatch’s immersive gameplay. Here are a few of them –


  • Dr. Boom – if you look closely at the soda fountain of The Panorama Diner on Route 66, you will notice a Zerg StarCraft symbol along-side a beverage labeled Dr.Boom. This is a reference to a World of Warcraft NPC
  • Gundam – Mechaqueen skin worn by Pharah is a direct reference to the popular Japanese science fiction series Gundam.
  • Naruto – Target Practice – Genji’s spray pays homage to the ever-popular anime Naruto.
  • Blizzard – Pharah’s tagline line – “Play nice, play Pharah” has an obvious influence from Blizzard’s well-known phrase, “Play nice, play fair.”
  • Heroes of Storm – A clear reference to the crossover multiplayer battle-arena game, Heroes of Storm was seen in a movie poster in the Hollywood spawn area.

With the quality of subtle references to movies and other games, as well as Easter Eggs Overwatch lays down, this all adds up to the status of this fan-friendly online multiplayer. The bell across the Lake might have been an ineffective addition to the game, and yet Overwatch didn’t let the aesthetics of functional background objects go in vain.
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