Overwatch Error Code lc-202 – How To Fix? (2024)

Are you facing this error code lc-202 issue in Overwatch? Then check out this article.

Imagine you are at an important stage in a match and suddenly you disconnect from the Game Server. You just see the screen display Error Code lc-202 on your screen. If this sounds annoying then you should know that it is a reality for some Overwatch players. The game reportedly disconnects midway or sometimes at the start. So let’s check out the troubleshoot tips you can try as a potential fix to this Overwatch Error Code lc-202.

How to Fix Overwatch Error Code lc-202

Overwatch Error Code lc 202 Fix

If you are here then your Overwatch Game Server disconnected and displayed the Error Code lc-202. This might be followed by an inability to use the in-game voice chat once you restart. Here’s a list of troubleshoot tips that might work as a potential fix for this problem –

  • Make sure if the problem is associated just with your device and not an actual server issue overall.
  • If the problem is with you, then start with checking your network configuration and eliminate your firewall, port settings or network as the culprit.
  • Next restart your devices and your routers or modem to clear data overload.
  • If you are on an old router and play with a wireless network then you should replace the router to have better connection with the servers.
  • If you are on console then try using your in-built connection test.
  • Check if your Antivirus is not blocking any game files.
  • Make sure your console account and BattleTag account are connected.
  • Disconnecting it and reconnecting might fix the error.

If you try all these and the issue persists still, the only options remaining are either completely replacing your internet connection if the problem is associated with your internet. The other option would be to uninstall and then reinstall the game.

That’s all the troubleshooting tips that you can try to fix Overwatch Error Code lc-202. Make sure you check out our other guides, tips and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.