Overwatch – How To Get Gold Weapons

Learn how to get Gold Weapons in Overwatch from this guide.

Overwatch is a vibrant team-based shooter with teams having unique Heroes. Each Hero in this game has a wide variety of Skins. These Skins change the overall appearance of the Hero. Since each Hero’s Character Model is unique, the Skins that come for them are pretty amazing. Aside from the Skins, there are other cosmetics that you can use in the game. One such cosmetic is the Golden Guns. They are a Gold variant cosmetic of your Weapon in the game. In this guide, I will show you how to get Gold Weapons in Overwatch.

How to Get Gold Weapons in Overwatch

gold weapons overwatch

The only way you can get Gold Weapons or Golden Guns in Overwatch is by purchasing them with Competitive Points. Competitive Points are one of the Currencies in Overwatch which can be used to buy only Golden Weapons in the game. A Player will stop earning them if they have 6000 unspent Competitive Points but will get their end-of-season rewards. Depending on which rank you belong to, you will earn different amounts of CP (Competitive Points). The amount per rank is:

  • Competitive Points Earned Per Role in each Rank
    • Bronze – 25
    • Silver – 50
    • Gold – 100
    • Platinum – 200
    • Diamond – 300
    • Master – 500
    • Grandmaster – 650

If you play Competitive in Open Queue, then the amount of CP you will earn differs.

  • Competitive Points Earned Per Role in each Rank in Open Queue
    • Bronze – 65
    • Silver – 125
    • Gold – 250
    • Platinum – 500
    • Diamond – 750
    • Master – 1200
    • Grandmaster – 1750

It doesn’t matter if you Win, Draw, or Lose, you will earn the respective CP for the Rank your Roles are currently in. The fastest way of getting them and unlocking Gold Weapons is by climbing to higher Ranks on all of your Roles, i.e. Tank, DPS, & Support.

This was all about getting Gold Weapons in Overwatch. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get League Tokens in Overwatch.