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Guide To Use Tanning Rack In Stranded Deep

Using a tanning rack can get you leather materials. Here’s how to easily use a tanning rack in Stranded Deep to craft leather.

Similar to other items and materials in the survival game Stranded Deep, leather is also an essential material. You can get leather in Stranded Deep by using your rawhides. But then to use your rawhides, you will first have to learn how to make and use a tanning rack in Stranded Deep. We’ve got a guide on how to make a Tanning Rack that you can check out. It’s a simple process that needs two materials only but the process to obtain those items needs a bit of work. In this guide, we will explain how to use a Tanning Rack so that you can stay alive on the island for much longer.

Stranded Deep: How to Use a Tanning Rack

To use a tanning rack, all you need to do is stand close to it and open your crafting menu, and select craft a leather piece. Of course, you will need rawhides to craft leather. One thing to note here is that you don’t have to interact with the tanning rack. Instead, you need to open the crafting menu while standing close to it. The game doesn’t really make this clear but this is basically what you have to do.

Stranded Deep Tanning Rack Guide

After crafting enough amount of leather, you can use them to craft items like a redefined spear, redefined ax, and speargun. If you are out of rawhides, you can skin different animals to get them.

Now you know how to use a tanning rack in Stranded Deep. Apart from this, you will need to read other crafting and cooking guides as well to survive in the game. There are a lot of dangers lurking around and you have to be prepared for the worst life threatening circumstances. So, find out how to regenerate health, build a raft, and cook a fish in Stranded Deep.