Red Dead Online Pales In Comparison Against GTA Online

Prasad More
2 Min Read

It was reported in February that Red Dead Redemption sold over 25 million copies worldwide and the game has already made more than what Rockstar invested in the game but all that pales in comparison with GTA V. It is one of the most recognizable games of this generation of console, which sold over 100 million copies.

Red Dead Online never really seem to have taken off as against to GTA Online which even after years has a ton of players logging in every day to play the game. Though Red Dead Online is still in beta as claimed by the developers it has seen a steady decline of 14% each month in microtransactions, whereas GTA Online is still making over five times as much money as Red Dead Online according to SuperData reports.

As being one of the most sold game in recent history GTA Online has a far wider player base and is on top of best-selling game charts till date. Red Dead Online has faced some difficulty though as when launched in November, the game faces a lot of droughts of no content, Rockstar Games have not yet addressed a few of the issues still lingering in the game which seems to be one of the causes of the downfall.

Rockstar Games recently released a new update for Red Dead Online but it was met with negative feedback from the community as it was not appreciated. Though things can still be turned around as GTA Online took nearly a year to propel into the online massive community it is today so there may yet be a chance for Red Dead Online to get some sort of redemption.

Red Dead Redemption is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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